As it is correct to bathe the kid

As it is correct to bathe the kid

The small child was born, and together with him efforts increased. It is a lot of difficulties and questions causes the first bathing of the baby, especially if parents young and inexperienced, and the help has no place to wait.

Bathing means to the newborn baby much. Pediatricians advise to hold water "ritual" daily. It well affects health of your child. Bathing of the kid – the useful procedure, which:

- purifies skin, opens all time; - reduces a tone of muscles, they relax;

- works soothingly, the child quickly falls asleep, better sleeps; - removes gripes;

- improves appetite; - helps to temper a small organism.

Preparation for the procedure

It is desirable to carry out bathing in the evening to strictly certain time. For a start it is better to boil water, temperature for bathing is not higher than 37 wasps. That precisely to measure it, the thermometer is necessary. If it is absent, it is possible to measure water the elbow: on feelings should not be neither it is hot, nor is cold. The room needs to be closed that there were no drafts, temperature indoors has to be not less than 22 wasps (in the winter to turn on the heater). Add means which are necessary to the child to water (broths of herbs, an aromasl, potassium permanganate solution etc.). All additives surely in the liquid state. Newborn babies are bathed by only five minutes, gradually increasing time. If you are afraid to do it independently, then in the beginning it is possible to find video how to bathe the kid.

Bathing process

Before mom most needs to wash up hands with soap, then to start bathing of the baby. It is possible to bathe most or to divide these honorary duties with dad. Together easier. In the beginning wet legs and buttocks, then already lower all little body in a bath. Soap the kid: begin better with a head, and then fall on a neck to shoulders and a breast. Soap handles and from them rise to coat hanger and armpits. Line for legs: climb them to a groin up. If the kid is not able to sit yet, then wash a back, having turned him on one side, and then on the second. The child needs to be held strong that did not slip out hands and was not frightened when falling. Otherwise useful water procedures will turn into continuous hassle for you and the kid. Wash away soap, watering plentifully with water all little body. You watch that water did not get on a face of the baby. Everything, it is possible to finish. Cover the child with a warm, clean towel, accurately blot all little body, you watch that any fold did not remain damp, differently there will be intertrigo.

What is necessary for bathing

Interests parents what is necessary for bathing of the child? Objects without which not to do: - bath; - thermometer; - additives; - children's skin; - bathing towel. Before the procedure such things are necessary: - clean clothes for the kid; - Q-tips, peroxide, brilliant green; - diaper and diaper; - children's cream; - hairbrush. After bathing your kid will eat and will sleep peacefully and strong all night long. Also will allow to have a rest to you. And what else is necessary for the baby, except good leaving and well rested mom?

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team