As it is correct to bathe the newborn

As it is correct to bathe the newborn

After mom with the kid are discharged from maternity hospital, before parents there is a set of questions on care for the newborn. One of them - as it is correct to bathe the child.


1. Children about one year are bathed daily. It is necessary to begin bathings at once as the umbilical wound will dry up. Pediatricians advise children to monthly age to bathe in boiled water, especially if tap water of bad quality. Air temperature in the bathroom has to be approximately 20-22os, water temperature for bathing - 37 wasps.

2. In the first month of life of the child it is better to bathe in weak solution of potassium permanganate, it is good antiseptics, promoting disinfecting of an umbilical wound and its fast healing. Crystals of manganese need to be dissolved at first in a bowl with water, and then to add solution to a bath till weak-pink color. Also instead of manganese it is possible to add infusion of a train or a camomile to a bathtub pharmaceutical - these herbs are also antiseptics, calm skin, help to fight against an intertrigo.

3. Before bathing it is necessary to wash out every time a bath with children's soap and to rinse it with boiled water. Fresh linen for the kid should be prepared in advance, as well as all hygienic accessories: cotton zhgutik, baby oil, diapers.

4. If you uncertainly hold the child, let at first to you someone help to bathe him. Dad or the grandmother can support the newborn while you wash him. It is not necessary to pour into a bath a lot of water, the small child so far. You learn to bathe the kid independently soon.

5. When everything is ready to bathing, undress the child, wash away it if it soiled pampers, carefully ship its little body in water. Hold it in water with one hand, having enclosed it under the top part of a shoulder of the child. Its head has to lie on your hand bent in an elbow. All other body has to be in water. Wash at first the newborn's face. It is possible to do it by a hand, a soft sponge or a piece of cotton wool. Then wash the head water. Hair should be washed with soap 1-2 times a week - accurately soaping them in the direction from a forehead to a nape, and then accurately washing away foam.

6. Having washed up the head, wipe with the soaped sponge or a hand skin behind ears, a neck, armpits, hands, legs, sides, a back, a tummy, inguinal area. After this kid it is necessary to rinse with clear water from a jug which has to be the same temperature as water in a bath.

7. Having got the child from water, wrap him in a terry towel and take there minutes 5-7 that the child dried and did not freeze when you undress him. After that put it on a clean dry diaper and start a toilet: wipe ears with cotton zhgutika, oil baby folds, process a navel hydrogen peroxide to remove crusts, and then brilliant green. After that it is possible to dress the child.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team