As it is correct to carry a bandage during pregnancy

As it is correct to carry a bandage during pregnancy

During pregnancy the doctors recommend to carry bandages, since 25th week. This orthopedic product will lower load of a backbone, will save future mom from osteochondrosis, back pains, will provide support of the growing stomach. That the bandage brought only benefit, it is necessary to carry these devices correctly.

Traditionally carrying a bandage pregnant is appointed by the gynecologist. Depending on the course of pregnancy, the special orthopedic product can be useful on the 22nd week, and maybe on 30. The additional support is necessary for not everyone therefore future mom should not experiment with health.

Features of carrying bandage

The bandage allows to prevent overfatigue, to take off fatigue, load of a backbone and legs. The product is recommended to carrying at polycarpous, difficult pregnancy, threat of an abortion, at a varicosity, osteochondrosis or at active lifestyle, existence of a hem on a uterus. The doctor will help to pick up the bandage size, he has to show how it is necessary to wear special linen.

Because the bandage fixes the provision of a fruit, adaptation cannot be used at the wrong presentation of the child. To determine the product size, it is necessary to take measurements of a stomach around a navel. Future mom at the same time has to stand. It is necessary to record a bandage for carrying at the correct level not to squeeze a fruit. Ideally it is necessary to try on special linen of the pregnant woman lying, having raised hips, the bandage has to pass on the lower part of buttocks and under a stomach. The model needs to be adjusted so that the woman felt comfortable, but linen was not too free or hard.

How often it is necessary to carry a bandage

Regardless of a look, orthopedic products for pregnant women cannot be carried constantly. It is not recommended to carry a bandage and at night. Ideally it is necessary to take a half-hour break each 3-4 hours of carrying. Approximately from 39th week a bandage it is necessary to carry the minimum quantity of time – on walks or performance of housework. At this particular time the stomach at the pregnant woman falls, the child prepares for birth. It is the simplest to record correctly a bandage, following the instruction on packing. But at the same time it is always necessary to rely on own feelings. Surely consider material of which the bandage is made. Materials of new generation are shown for carrying to pregnant women, it is impossible to meet special linen only from natural fabrics, products of this kind have to be elastic. It is desirable to try on in shop several models at once to choose the most convenient. If you want to carry a bandage and after pregnancy, it is possible to give preference to universal option.

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