As it is correct to communicate with the child

As it is correct to communicate with the child

Communication plays an important role in development and education of the child. Competent dialogue with the child will help you to understand better each other, to avoid many problems, and it is possible to become good friends.


1. You watch the intonation, especially at communication with kids. Babies do not understand the meaning of many phrases yet, but very precisely react to intonation with which you say them. Talk to the child quietly and friendly, looking to him in eyes. It is desirable that your views were at one level.

2. Remember that there are forbidden words which cannot be said even mechanically. "You are an idler and dirty!", "You have no brains if you cannot solve such easy problem!", "Leave alone as you bothered me!" - similar words are capable to develop a number of complexes at the kid. They are postponed in subconsciousness of the child and form his future personal qualities. It is not necessary to condemn and offend the child - abuse his bad acts.

3. Stop to compare your child to other children. "Here Seryozha finished a quarter with a horoshist, and you have a three on mathematics!", "What Lenochka beautiful, is a pity will not tell it about you!". After similar phrases the child can have an unhealthy rivalry, he begins to be jealous and doubt that parents love it irrespective of progress and achievements.

4. Motivate the child, awaken in him aspiration to new victories and achievements. "What beautiful drawing and you have talent!", "You are a clever boy, think how to divide equally candies into all!", "The good result if you a little try, will be even better next time!" - such phrases inspire the child and help it to believe in themselves.

5. Parents are living people with the problems and emotions, and tantrum and anger quite often vent on children. Try to extinguish the anger in time, otherwise you will do to the child psychological or even physical harm. Do not hesitate to recognize the mistakes and to apologize to the child for undeserved offense.

6. Trust the children, do not wave away from them, listen to them, be interested in their life, plans and dreams. Even 20 minutes of sincere companionship a day will help you to come into contact with the child, to keep and strengthen relations "parents children".

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team