As it is correct to enter the changed condition of consciousness

As it is correct to enter the changed condition of consciousness

The changed conditions of consciousnesses are a basis of bases psychological and teurgichesky the practician. With their help it is obviously possible to approach subconsciously self-positioning, aspects of perception of the world and the place in it. Also even self-healing can quite be result samosovershenstvovay. These practicians allow not only to go deep into an own microcosm, but also to constantly comprehend absolutely atypical sides of life.


1. At the first stage it is necessary to plunge into a condition of silence and rest physiologically. Then it is necessary to enter more psychological phase of internal silence. It means that you are discharged of everything that could occupy your thoughts. Vanities of the frail world cease to overcome you. It is the best of all to isolate the certain image bearing feeling nothing the saddened serene slackness from memory. It can be pleasant memories, the abstract moments, or the concrete emotions connected, for example, with the quiet weakening melody, a light unostentatious aroma and so forth. Do not make attempts to stop thought processes because it will cause the return slackness reaction. The essence is in to stopping a thought, trying to analyze them, marking the signs "plus" or "minus". Let them just smoothly rush in your head, turning into a stream of the flowing-away consciousness. At the expense of all aforesaid you will manage to make transition from rough materiality to much more distinguished vision of the world, per se.

2. The first stage of the second phase assumes search in soul back streets (in a condition of internal silence) something the most attractive. Do not try to classify it or to comprehend, just isolate from a stream other and less significant. Having made sure that it most podhodyashche, begin to shroud it in layers of thought forms accurately. Has to come to absolutely specifically to understand what the feeling is. As soon as the thought form is finally formulated – you immediately will feel a global internal resonance in the form of incomprehensible harmony between the chosen feeling and its interpretation.

3. Further it is necessary to decide on understanding of belief. It is possible to make a start by contradiction. Imagine something, absolutely not defiant trust. And then try to bring something opposite out of this emotion. It is necessary to consider the veriya mechanism in the context of change of a condition of consciousness.

4. The fourth step assumes a combination three previous, including the aspects characteristic of each of them. It is necessary to work measuredly and smoothly, savouring each part of the psi-space recreated by you. In the conditions of an absolute sfokusirovannost on the chosen object, you will notice that your concentration moves to a certain nonidentical space. Do not pay detailed attention, be just entirely given to a consciousness stream. If there is a certain psychological discomfort or feeling of fear – weaken concentration a little, being distracted by something passing or belonging to the world of physical. It will allow to brake slightly entry into the changed consciousness, giving the chance to accustom gradually with the happening changes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team