As it is correct to expiate the kid

As it is correct to expiate the kid

Bathing is necessary for any child practically since the birth as soon as at it the navel heals. Almost all children adore water and with the great pleasure in it lap. And parents need to know how it is correct to expiate the kid.

Bathing in the first months of life needs to be carried out twice a day, and in the summer especially.

Best of all for bathing to use the adult bathroom, in it water cools down more slowly, and nothing constrains movements of the kid. He has an opportunity to move actively handles and legs that promotes strengthening of a muscular system and a training of a cardiac muscle.

The door to the bathroom should not be closed that temperature and humidity was leveled in all room. Boiled water is not necessary, and here it will be very useful to add to water camomile, St. John's wort infusion or turns.

It is very simple to prepare it: in bank fill up a glass of a grass and fill in with boiled water — at the rate of boiled water liter on a glass. Later, close a cover and leave for 3-4 hours. When the bathtub is ready, pour out infusion there, filtering through a gauze.

Up to two months it is impossible to use shampoos and soap, infusion in itself will serve as an anti-septic tank for skin.

You watch water temperature – optimum temperature should not exceed 36 – 37 degrees, air has to be heated-up a minimum to 22 degrees. If suddenly the child feels uncomfortablly and cries, perhaps, water too hot or at him pinches eyes. Buy in pharmacy the bright thermometer toy — and to the kid entertainment, and it is convenient to you.

To take temperature without thermometer, use a national method — just ship an elbow in a bathtub. Feelings have to remain neutral – to you should not be neither is cold, nor is hot.

The kid has to feel water as slightly cool – the moderate cool promotes increase in a tone, strengthening a muscular blood-groove and increases organism resilience. The tempering factor is very important.

If just it does not allow to bathe him in warm water – except washing off of dirt, other positive effects. At continuous bathing every week lower temperature somewhere by one degree until you gradually reach 32 C.

Protect the child's ears from water ingress by usual cotton balls. When cleaning ears do not use Q-tips if to it half a year was not executed at least — the danger of injury of an eardrum is high. It is enough to wipe an external part of an auricle with a dry, soft towel.

After bathing carefully blot skin with in advance prepared towel and oil it or cream from children's cosmetics. Track that there was no moisture left, especially on bends and in folds anywhere.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team