As it is correct to hold the child

As it is correct to hold the child

The correct continence of the kid on hands will help not only to secure it, but also will contribute to the correct physical development. There are certain rules from children's pediatricians as it is necessary to hold correctly the child on hands.


1. It is necessary not only to be able to hold the child of chest age correctly, but also the nobility as it is correct to lift from a prone position. If the child lies on a back, enclose one hand under a neck and the head, another under his waist. Lift the child, going a body to it that distance between you and the kid and his lag in air were minimum for feeling of comfort. From a prone position on a stomach of the child lift, having enclosed one hand under his breast, another under a tummy.

2. Holding on hands of the kid, provide support of a neck and head in any his situation. Special attention to this moment give the first three months of life of the child until muscles of his neck get stronger. Avoid a zaprokidyvaniye of a head of the kid back!

3. Quickly and sharply the kid cannot be lifted, lowered at all. It is also impossible to take the child one hand. Do not pull him for handles when you are going to take yourself on hands.

4. The correct provisions of the child on hands at parents – a set. You from them stop on those which are convenient for you and are comfortable for the child. "Column" you keep the kid in vertical position one hand, supporting his head turned to your shoulder another - under buttocks. In the same situation take the child some time after a meal.

5. You keep the kid in situation "on a hip", supporting by a hand under a breast, adding its little body to itself on a hip; face forward, when you keep it one hand under the breast, the second under buttocks; on hands facing itself (the head the child lies on your elbow bend, the second hand supports him under buttocks); on hands facedown (you support by an elbow bend a neck and the child's breast, the second hand is between legs and supports him under a stomach).

6. When muscles of a neck of the child get stronger, since three-months age, you can keep it in a pose "like a Gypsy", that is facedown, and the child's body horizontally is on your hip. And to hold thus the kid, supporting under a breast by a hand, follows on one your hip, on another. Such position helps to be formed to coxofemoral joints of the kid and is good prevention of a muscular dysplasia.

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