As it is correct to parents to communicate the child

As it is correct to parents to communicate the child

Once still absolutely small, but at the same time very important and precious life comes to the world of each adult new. At first, apparently, what practically you know nothing, you are afraid to do much harm and make something wrong. However the most important, it to learn most to communicate with kindness and love with the child.


1. Undoubtedly it is necessary to be able, to want to communicate with the child. Communication begins at the subconscious level, in mother's womb. Then the child is born, comes to this the world, new to it, about which knows nothing yet. Therefore it is so important to parents to surround the first minutes of life the child with care, tenderness, attention, protection and love. It is necessary to consider the power, psychological, emotional moments of communication, so-called intuitive perception.

2. Over time the child grows up, learns the world around, learns to be guided in it, studies laws of life, takes the first trial steps. At this moment the parents need to show special attention and care to the child. At the same time it does not mean that it is necessary to agree with all requirements and wishes of the kid. It is necessary to explain in an available form to the child what can be done and that it is impossible. For this purpose the kid needs to become good friends that in a confidential form to communicate and solve various problems, disputed issues if they arise.

3. In process of growing all new and new subjects in communication with parents will be interesting to the child, he will ask many questions, there can be they will unexpected, very relevant and important both for parents, and for the child. Therefore it is necessary to be the modern, intellectual, cultural people having knowledge and skills in various directions of life always to find a common language with the child. On this difficult and interesting course of life it is necessary to have huge patience, understanding, openness and desire to understand other person. Understanding and communication on an equal basis with love, friendship and mutual aid are a basis of the human relations.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team