As it is correct to refuse to the child

As it is correct to refuse to the child

Very often children ask parents about what adults cannot make, or it cannot be done, then the child should refuse. But how it is correct to refuse to the child in order that he understood and not to hurt his feelings? There are several receptions of how to tell a word it "is impossible" for the child so that it was heard and it is accepted.


1. It is impossible to abuse the word "no". The word "no" is a word an exception therefore at constant pronunciation it depreciates, loses the meaning. Therefore whenever possible try to avoid this word. For this purpose remove all objects which can cause the word "no" from a field of vision of the child. It is also best of all to speak not in a negative form, and on the contrary, in affirmative. For example, instead of: "it is impossible to pull a dog ears, it is impossible to stick into eyes", better to say: "stroke a dog on a back, it will be pleasant to it".

2. If told the word "no", it has to be told once and forever. It is necessary to forbid the child only what it is impossible to allow him, otherwise the meaning of the ban is lost. For example, if you say to the child what cannot be eaten in front of the TV, it becomes the rule which cannot be violated, and it is better if it is not broken also by adults. And if it is impossible today, and tomorrow it is possible, then the child is just lost, does not understand that it is possible and that it is impossible.

3. The child needs to explain the ban with language, clear for it. You should not tell just the word "no", it is necessary to reason why it is impossible. Also you pronounce the word "no" strong, confident tone. If you forbid something firmly, then the child will accept this word. Otherwise, if to tell the word "no" uncertainly, then he will accept it lightly and will think that it is possible to overpersuade you.

4. Always you praise the child for good behavior. The child has to understand that if he behaves well, he pleases you. In the bans the opinion of all family members has to be uniform. It is impossible that the father forbade one, and mother resolved it, then the child will quickly think and will begin to manipulate. By means of the systems of permissions bans you can adjust a course of personal development of the child. But it is very important to respect the right of the child for own position, for existence of interests and hobbies, it is impossible to forbid the child all.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team