As it is correct to select the child's clothes

As it is correct to select the child's clothes

Question: "How beautifully and cheap to dress the child?" faces many parents. The complexity is that now on counters of shops a huge number of clothes for children for every taste and a purse. How it is correct to pick up it?

Features of children

One of the main nuances in selection of clothes for the child is that children quickly grow, and, therefore, it is necessary to update children's clothes rather often. Sometimes the child does not manage to wear what to him was bought by parents, grandmothers and grandfathers. What needs to be known and considered upon purchase of a kidswear?

As how to buy to the child

First of all, parents have to remember that the main thing in clothes for the child is not its quantity, but quality. You should not "litter" children's cases with clothes. Can happen that the child never will even try on it as it without everyone on that was bought need (just it was pleasant). The child's clothes, also as well as the adult, have to consist only of the necessary and necessary things. And for this purpose it is necessary to think over carefully as how many to buy.

The main clothes, should not be big. For example, parents should buy the child of a new thing by a certain season. It is necessary to look what the child has that it is necessary to bribe that with what can be grouped. To think of a combination of flowers and material. If it is correct to make it, then it is possible not only to dress beautifully the child, but also to save decently.

It is necessary to take for a habit: not to leave on "future" of a thing which the child any more will never put on. If it is strongly worn-out, then get rid of it at once. If the thing can be carried still, then give or sell it. The benefit that now it is absolutely easy to make it. Do not hammer a children's case. Otherwise, it will turn out how often happens at adults: the case is full, and there is nothing to put on.

Before going to shop to do shopping, make a clear idea that specifically you should buy. Make the list of things, decide on color scale (select under the available things). Define a price scale which you should keep within.


The clothes for children have to be first of all convenient and comfortable. Material to choose natural. Fabric has to be cotton. And the percent of content of synthetic fibers in fabrics should not exceed 30%. It is important for small children who go to kindergarten that it was convenient to them to play, run in it. Well if it are from soft knitted fabrics of bright colors. Many children do not love dark tone and can refuse to put on such clothes.

Children of younger age are very mobile. They can often soil clothes. Upon purchase it should be considered. It is not necessary to buy socks for daily expensive branded clothes. Leave it for guests and holidays. Budgetary, easy in a sock and washing of a thing are the best that can be got for your child.

For children school students it is necessary to take school clothes which will be not only expensive, and convenient and stylish. Otherwise, it will cause negative emotions in the child. He can also refuse to wear it. Her houses should be changed for daily.


Very little which of children likes to go shopping and to measure dresses. They quickly are tired of fittings and begin to be capricious. It is necessary to make so that the visit of shop was followed by some other actions. It can be games which often get a job in the shop on their platforms. There can be visits of the nearby cafe.

And the main thing, parents have to listen to opinion of the child. It is not necessary to buy to the child that thing which initially is not pleasant to him, and it is pleasant to you. He will carry it, but not you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team