As it is impossible to call the child

As it is impossible to call the child

The choice of a name for the child is very responsible business. In the most part the fate of the been born person depends on it therefore in many respects depends on parents that she was happy. There are some rules and beliefs as you should not call the child.


1. By tradition it is necessary to call the child by the name of that Saint whose day of remembrance is closest to date of birth. But you should not name according to the calendar "back", i.e. according to a holiday which precedes a birthday. Do not call the child by the name of the martyr - it is to bad.

2. Do not call the child in honor of the died family member: grandmothers, grandfathers, the brother, the sister, etc. that he did not repeat their destiny.

3. Do not call the child by the name of the father, mother, brother, sister and all that with whom you live, – he or his namesake can die.

4. Do not name the girl a name of mother, and boy a name of the father. The child will be unstable, strongly emotional and excessively irritable. Repetition of a parental name contributes to the development of negative qualities. It will be difficult to the girl called by the name of mother to find with her a common language and mutual understanding. Besides, it is considered that it is impossible to call girls man's names as they will grow up rough and it will be complex to them to marry.

5. Do not call the child by the name of the died kid at all in family that to it there was no trouble too. Before a christening tell nobody a name of the child that it was not maleficiated and if ask, answer: "My child is god-given and call him – Bogdan".

6. Besides, surely think of by what name of your child will call in the childhood. Do not choose too elaborate name, otherwise it can become a hindrance at communication and a reason for sneers. The name has to be said and remembered easily.

7. Choosing a name for the boy, take in attention that once he can become a father too and on its own behalf will transfer to the child a middle name. Therefore do not call the boy by too difficult name. Besides, the chosen name for the kid has to be combined easily with a middle name, otherwise it will cause troubles to your matured child.

8. The name of the child also has to be combined with a surname. If the child has a surname which is not indicating his floor do not call it, for example, Zhenya, Sasha or Valya. Children have very much complex when the boy is taken for the girl and vice versa.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team