As it is impossible to punish children

As it is impossible to punish children

It is not enough to be only kind and sympathetic well to raise children. Even the best-known and talented teachers punished the pupils. But to punish so that not to humiliate the child and not to lose his trust is the whole art.


1. Do not force to do the child household chores as punishment. To clean the room, to wash the dishes or to help the grandmother to weed beds – classes, maybe, not the most cheerful. But carrying out them, the child understands that in life it is necessary to be able to serve itself and to help those to whom it is necessary. When work acts as punishment, parents risk to grow up the idler who in adulthood will avoid any work.

2. Do not intimidate the child. Delete such words from the lexicon how "to beat", "to hand over in militia", "to give to orphanage". Small children perceive your words literally. For them a big stress to hear it from darling in the world. And children are more senior already turn to similar threats a deaf ear. But for them there is norm abuse and shouts.

3. Never ignore the child. If you want to punish him, it is necessary to explain for what it bears punishment and why his behavior is unacceptable. Haughty silence is only a way of manipulation, and very cruel. Do not you want to grow up the diffident loser with eternal sense of guilt?

4. Do not put punishment away for later. Especially it concerns small children. Kids at the age of two-three years already in half an hour forget that they created quite recently. Punishment even through such short period is perceived by them as unfair and undeserved. They just will not understand why parents are angry.

5. Do not beat children. Even the slap on a bottom is a physical abuse. And violence can cause only aggression. And if the child does not splash out aggression on you, it means that she hid in his shower and corrodes it as rust. Do not humiliate the one who loves you most in the world who waits from you for protection, understanding and love. If you cannot refrain from blow, a problem not in terrible behavior of the child, and in you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team