As it is necessary to accustom the child to a pot

As it is necessary to accustom the child to a pot

Some parents try to accustom the kid to a pot a bit earlier, it cuts down costs on diapers and saves from wearisome washing. The others postpone this moment for later time. But nevertheless the question remains open: how and when it is the best of all to accustom the child to a pot and what for this purpose is necessary? Here it is important to understand that each kid will have same this period individual, as well as the period of the beginning of crawling and circulation.

Schooling time to a pot

From half a year the kid begins to study actively the body and opportunities therefore quite often mothers observe how the child peed and clapped on a pool a palm. In the same time the training of ability to regulate urination begins. After the first interest in urination process was noticed, it is possible to begin schooling to a pot. In playful way it is necessary to suggest the kid to sit down on a pot. It is necessary more for acquaintance, than for regular use.

After one year the child can boycott compulsions of parents to use a pot therefore you should not do it in the form of the order, it is better in playful way. If the kid refuses, it is worth waiting when he shows interest.

Fast schooling to a pot

There will take place this process much more simply if before mom did not accustom the child to diapers, for example, regularly landed. The main advantage is that all process in this case takes place not only quickly, but also without pools. There are several councils which will accelerate process of schooling and will make it simpler.

  • It is necessary to accustom the kid without diapers, they need to be changed for shorts surely.
  • If it is necessary to define communication between desires and to the subsequent urinations, it is necessary that the kid not once saw all process.
  • It is worth showing every time to the child how to use a pot on the example of toys or other children (if in family it is not the first child).
  • If the kid goes on the house naked, he will much quicker get used to go to a pot as in addition nothing should be removed.
  • The pot should be placed in a zone of constant visibility that the kid at any time could use it.
  • Before jumping one pot better to explain why it becomes or to ask a question: "Where it is necessary to write (to crap)?".
  • After the pot was used for designated purpose, it is necessary to praise the kid.

It is necessary to remember that all process has to take place in a quiet situation, without coercion, a stress and strangers.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team