As it is necessary to begin the child's feeding up

As it is necessary to begin the child's feeding up

Universal recommendations to at what age and what to begin a feeding up of babies with, just does not exist. Producers of baby food consider that since three months it is possible to acquaint the kid with new tastes, but supporters of breastfeeding say that up to 6 months mother's milk fully provides needs of the kid. Anyway, before entering a feeding up, it is worth learning its fundamental principles.

It is required to you

  • - vegetables;
  • - fruit;
  • - porridges.


1. Most often there are questions of when and what to begin the child's feeding up with. As the first products use porridges from the grain which is not containing gluten, green vegetables or fruit. Porridges are recommended to those children who badly gain weight. With vegetables there begin parents of the children suffering from locks. Fruit are considered as a sure bet, the problem is only that after sweet apple or pear to convince the child it is rather heavy to try almost tasteless squash or cabbage of broccoli.

2. The feeding up of children is begun with the minimum doses, it is the best of all to offer a new product in the morning, then till the evening it is possible to manage to observe reaction of an organism to introduction of a feeding up.

3. If frustration of a chair or skin rashes did not arise, by the next morning increase feeding up volume from a teaspoon tip to its half. When the child normally reacts to a new product, its volume is carried to the norm corresponding to its age within several days.

4. You enter a new product only after when doubts that digestive system coped with what was provided to it earlier, do not arise. It is not necessary to hurry as sometimes even at initial proper response of an organism to a new product at its regular application the allergy develops.

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