As it is necessary to dress the newborn

As it is necessary to dress the newborn

When in family there is a newborn, parents receive a lot of efforts and concerns. Especially, if it is the firstborn, and they have no experience on care for the kid. It would seem, the simplest question: how to dress the baby after bathing or on walk? If you dress too easily, the kid can freeze if too warmly – to overheat.


1. Be guided by ambient temperature. If the kid is at home, at 23 OS above to put on him a cotton undershirt and a romper suit enough. If around 20-23os, over an undershirt it is necessary to put on still a flannel baby's undershirt, and legs over a romper suit – thin socks. At a temperature from 18 to 20 wasps instead of a flannel baby's undershirt it is better to put on a thin knitted suit with a long sleeve. Instead of cotton socks put on to the kid woolen. Well, and if in the house it is rather cool (temperature is lower than 18 wasps), then over a thin knitted suit put on a woolen or half-woolen suit.

2. When you are going to submit the kid for walk in the summer, in hot weather (over 25 wasps) it is enough to put on him cotton linen and some light cap or the Panamanian for protection against sunshine. If temperature from 22 to 24 wasps, add a thin cotton baby's undershirt and a romper suit; if from 20 to 22 wasps, the thin knitted suit with a long sleeve and thin socks does not prevent to put on.

3. During more cool season (spring, fall) dress the child as follows: if around 16-18os, over a knitted suit put on easy woolen or half-woolen. Replace a headdress with more dense, for example, a knitted hat. If temperature 14-16os, put on to the child a half-woolen hat and woolen (half-woolen) socks. At a temperature from 10 to 14 wasps add autumn overalls to these clothes. Well, and at 0-8os one more layer of clothes under overalls is necessary: warm breeches and jacket. Put on also to the child excess pair of woolen socks, and under a dense half-woolen hat – a light cap.

4. In the winter in addition wrap the child in a blanket and often check its nose. At a temperature below - 20 wasps are not recommended to walk on the street with the newborn.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team