As it is necessary to react to the child's hysterics

As it is necessary to react to the child's hysterics

Approximately by three years the child in every possible way tries to defend the "I". Some at the same time cry, others stamp legs and roll on a floor, the third rush on mom with fists, etc. How to behave in such cases to get out of a conflict situation with the minimum psychological losses.

Of course, it is better for hysteric to prevent, for this purpose there is a number of rules which the child has to know accurately since childhood. For example, not to climb in the socket, not to steal a march independently, not to touch knives and scissors and so forth. The child has to have an option: "Will you eat soup or porridge? Will you eat now or after a cartoon?". The child understands what is is necessary, and here as when, the kid solves.

The arising hysterics can be distinguished on several signs: the kid holds the breath, purses lips, in eyes tears, etc. appear. In such cases it is necessary to switch quickly its attention to something another, to offer a toy, together to draw or read the book.

But sometimes happens so that it was not succeeded to stop a hysterics and scandal in the heat. What to do in similar cases?

Keep stability. Most often, children start hysterics in crowded places: shops, policlinics, public transport. Mom, being afraid of condemnation of people around, having sense of guilt for such behavior of the kid, tries to persuade the child, and if did not help, then to shout or beat the child. Here it is necessary to try to abstract from people around and to act for the benefits and the interests of the child.

Be "container" for emotions of the kid. At first it is necessary to understand what happens with the child during a hysterics. Having been refused in anything, he at first is upset, then is angry, is inadequately behaved. Independently the child cannot leave this state and the hysteric any more continues to accrue. In the heat of passion he does not hear mom any more and does not react to arrangements. It is impossible to stand and wait silently for the termination of a hysterics at all, it is impossible to leave the kid alone with his emotions, it strongly injures mentality of the child. It is not necessary to continue to abuse the child or to speak "no", it is worth trying to understand feelings and emotions of the child, to sustain his hatred and the kid will cry at ease and will calm down. 

During a hysterics of the kid neobkhodimoobnyat to take on hands if there is an opportunity, to carry away to other place. If the hysterics happened at home, it is possible to wrap the child in a blanket and to pobayukat. When the child practically calmed down, it is deeply necessary to suggest him to breathe, is drunk waters, etc.

After a hysterics it is desirable to stay near the child, to explain his and behavior. To tell about the moments in which the behavior of the kid was pleasant to you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team