As it is necessary to swaddle the child

As it is necessary to swaddle the child

Still some twenty years ago mothers did not imagine care for babies without diapers. At that time pediatricians considered that the child needs to be turned hardly from the first days of life that he had equal legs. How it is actually necessary to swaddle the kid correctly? Despite progressive opinions, diapers still are on sale in children's shops.


1. The opinion of those pediatricians was wrong. At the kid who is hardly wrapped in a diaper the dysplasia of coxofemoral joints very easily can develop. Besides, the motionless baby has no opportunity to strengthen muscles. Try to accustom the kid to free swaddling with open handles at once. Put on the child a diaper, a baby's undershirt or baud. Turn in the top corner of a diaper and lay the kid on it so that its upper edge coincided with the line of a shoulder of the baby. Wrap up the right corner of a diaper around his trunk and fix under the left hand. Wrap up the child in the left part, and straighten the lower end of a diaper, turn in and fix.

2. Certainly, mom needs to proceed from needs of the kid. If he awakes himself with handles during sleep, often wakes up, being frightened by these involuntary movements, then it is better to swaddle at first the baby in a different way. The big diaper needs to be wrapped up around the kid so that he could move with handles and legs. For this purpose sprain the top corner of a diaper, and then lay on it dressed in a thin baby's undershirt and the child's diaper. Straighten to it handles, wrap the right corner of a diaper over a stomach and fix under the right handle. Fold upward a bottom corner of a diaper and fix it under the left shoulder. Wrap up the baby in the right part, and fix the top corner of a diaper at a neck. Fix a free part behind, having wound it around the kid. The baby wrapped thus feels the same as in a stomach at mom and with pleasure sleeps. The main thing is to swaddle it not hardly.

3. You should not pull together the baby with fabric and in order to avoid possible overheating and also for ensuring fast normalization of a muscular tone. Remember that free swaddling best of all is suitable for normal motive development of the baby.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team