As it is possible to become pregnant quickly: councils

As it is possible to become pregnant quickly: councils

In any family there comes the period when two persons think of the child. This long-awaited moment becomes the most remarkable. The first question which rises before future parents: how it is possible to become pregnant quickly? Everything is not as simple as it seems. At times pregnancy occurs too long. In other cases at couple it is impossible to conceive the kid. So it is possible and it is necessary to do that in 9 months to see a small miracle?

Favorable days for conception

For conception of the child two days before an ovulation and one day later are considered as the most successful moment. Many gynecologists claim that this period the most successful. It is also possible to try and in other terms, but the chance will be much lower. If desire to have the kid very big, that is an opportunity to try the following method: let the man for 3-4 days will refrain from sexual contact. When there is no regular sex, sperm and its quality considerably improves. So days when it is possible to become pregnant, increase. Some doctors recommend two more ways, as soon as possible to conceive the kid:

  •    to have sex every other day, increasing rate to several times a day;
  •    to choose a position during which the male genital enters completely.

If it is impossible to become pregnant

It is not possible to become pregnant even if days of an ovulation are calculated? Then it is worth trying still some councils in practice. 

1.     It is less than tension, it is more than joy. A mental condition of two people – a key to success of emergence of the third. So, if the girl very often is upset, is in a stressful state or just is nervous, then the probability to become mom – is minimum. Therefore, the best that can be made is more to enjoy life, to approach positively work and another matters, to forget about what is addictions. Sex at an aromatherapy, the burning lamps and candles – an excellent relax as a hobby and bodies. Who knows, perhaps in such situation it is possible to become pregnant quickly.

2.     That position. People have different tastes and preferences. Someone likes to be engaged in it lying, someone not against to stand at a wall, others is crazy about a side position. Everyone likes to do it differently. In what pose it is possible to become pregnant quickly? On this question there is no definite answer. But most of people consider that missionary position – the most successful. In terms of gynecology an explanation here very simple. The fact is that at this moment the girl lies directly, having raised hips, and it means that sperm gets inside much quicker, than in any other pose. Logically, everything is right - it is, really, the fastest way to become pregnant.

3.     Monthly – business thin. Many people are tormented by a question of how quickly to become pregnant after long "Women's Days". Say that 3-4 days later the ovum is not ready to fertilization yet. Doctors advise couples to have sex since morning, especially after periods. During this period of a muscle are most weakened, the uterus is compressed - it is the successful moment for unexpected sexual intercourse. At this stage there is a probability to become pregnant quickly after monthly.

4.     Medicines. What tablets to drink to become pregnant? Rather delicate and delicate question, and, above all dangerous. It is impossible to be engaged in self-checking in this case. The best option – consultation at the doctor. If the doctor considers necessary to write out means which will help an ovum to be impregnated then only in this case it is worth going to pharmacy, in advance having read all reviews of medicine.

The way of life influences conception

It is worth believing that having refused the wrong food and having replaced a way of life, it is possible to become pregnant quickly. So, if the girl smokes, and the man often takes alcohol, probability to conceive the kid is equal to 10% from 100. Such result not the consolatoriest for those who wish to become parents. The only wise advice – to throw all addictions, to tell assured "no" to things which aggravate life. Only after firm refusal there will be an opportunity to become pregnant quickly.

One more great way to conceive the child is to be sent on leave with darling. No matter, what it will be the place: sanatorium or other country, departure on the nature or on the lake. Anyway, fresh air, new impressions and positive emotions affect further reproduction. Statistically, many couples conceived children, being on vacation. It is one more good way to become pregnant quickly.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team