As it is possible to define pregnancy on the first week

As it is possible to define pregnancy on the first week

For someone pregnancy becomes desired, long-awaited, someone is afraid of this state, and someone frankly distances this moment from the life up to total rejection of possible conception and the child's birth. Correct to the woman will know about signs of possible pregnancy on the first week of such natural female state.


1. If you take basal temperature regularly and do it correctly, on the first week of conception it will raise and will make a bigger indicator, than 37 wasps. The increased fatigue, differences of mood, irritability, drowsiness, frequent migraines speak about possible conception.

2. Buy the test for pregnancy establishment. The test has to have for such small term of conception high sensitivity. Conduct own research with the test in number of two times even if the first result was positive to be fully confident in its indications.

3. Changes of a hormonal background in the first weeks of pregnancy involve such symptoms as the increased perspiration, throwing in heat. The appetite, flavoring addictions can change.

4. From unpleasant feelings on the first week of conception a nagging pain in the bottom of a stomach, its swelling, a meteorizm, nausea (especially in the mornings), painful swelling of chest glands, waist pain are stated.

5. Peculiar signs of pregnancy, but not such and rare, it: sneezing, congestion of a nose, increase and designation of chest veins, strange smack in a mouth (for example, metal), the increased salivation even at night, foot spasms, sharply appeared stratifying of nails and their oblamyvaniye, darkening of nipples on breasts, emergence of a dark strip along a stomach.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team