As it is possible to define pregnancy to a delay

As it is possible to define pregnancy to a delay

The question of approach of pregnancy concerns many women. Some wish to learn whether it turned out to conceive the child this time, others, on the contrary, want to make sure of lack of pregnancy. Try to conduct independently diagnostics, without waiting for a periods delay.


1. To define approach of pregnancy to a delay, it is necessary to make the schedule of basal temperature. If the ovulation came, then temperature increases up to 37 wasps above. In a week before periods it begins to decrease. If to a new cycle there are few days, and basal temperature is still increased, then there is a probability that there came conception.

2. A nagging pain in the lower part of a stomach and swelling of mammary glands – early symptoms of pregnancy. However such symptoms are felt by some women before periods. So the reliability of these signs remains undecided. Some ladies in the very first days of pregnancy feel in an organism change of sexual desire (owing to change of a hormonal background). Some women feel sharp enthusiasm of sexual inclination, others do not want sex during this period at all.

3. Toxicosis can become the first sign of pregnancy. The sickening state can find the woman from second week of conception. It is possible to determine pregnancy by various forms of toxicosis: from dizziness and an easy indisposition to the severe vomiting dehydrating an organism. On early terms the woman can feel a headache, migraine. It is connected with change in an organism of level of hormones. There can be sudden irritability and isolation, increased fatigue.

4. After conception the uterus begins to increase gradually in sizes therefore frequent desires to urination are felt. Some ladies determine pregnancy by sharpening of sense of smell, sharp increase in appetite or desire to eat something salty. And it is better to use after all the test from pharmacy, or to address the gynecologist who will appoint ultrasonic inspection. At the same time you will be able to learn with absolute confidence whether there was a conception or not.

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