As it is possible to recognize by temperature about pregnancy

As it is possible to recognize by temperature about pregnancy

Some women at whom the periods did not begin in time ask a question: pregnancy it or just delay?. The most reasonable exit in this situation - a visit to the doctor or test for pregnancy, however it is not always possible. It is possible to define pregnancy in house conditions and on basal temperature.


1. Often basal temperature is taken not on purpose before and without the assistance of doctors precisely to learn about "situation", and as an additional tool of check of fertility of a hormonal background. In this case it is necessary to begin to take temperature from the first day of a menstrual cycle and to fix all data in the simple schedule consisting of a scale of X and Y.

2. To determine pregnancy by basal temperature, begin the tests not earlier, than in 1-2 days prior to estimated day of the beginning of periods. The menstrual cycle consists of 2 phases: to an ovulation and after an ovulation. Duration their approximately identical. If the ovulation occurred, then the second phase is characterized by the increased basal temperature (it is a little more than 37 degrees). Closer to approach of periods it begins to go down and if it does not occur - quite possibly that pregnancy approach takes place.

3. Basal temperature can be taken not only in a rectum, but also in a mouth or in a vagina, but only not under the arm. It is necessary to hold the mercury thermometer in a mouth not less than 5 minutes, and in a vagina or a rectum it is enough also 3 minutes.

4. Some factors can influence the accuracy of measurement of basal temperature. For example, temperature will be higher at a disease, after intake of alcoholic beverages, after sexual intercourse, because of a stress or after intake of some medicines. If it is excluded, then can consider the received result reliable.

5. You take measurement of basal temperature in the mornings at the same time, in an interval between 6 and 8 hours, without getting up and without making sharp movements. Besides, the accuracy of determination of temperature is influenced also by quality of sleep which should not be interrupted several hours before its definition. Prepare the thermometer (stir up) in advance since evening better. All indications need to be fixed not to forget.

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