As it is possible to transport the baby

Transportation of babies is special point of concern among cares of parents of babies. In a car seat they still cannot be put, it is dangerous to transport on hands, the cradle from a carriage cannot be fixed in the car.


1. For a start what cannot be done at all: you do not transport the child in the car on hands. Can seem to you that so the kid will feel comfortably and quietly, he can be rocked to sleep and fed at any time. But safety of the child in this question is the most important. In case of accident it will be almost impossible to hold the kid on hands, and any mother will not forgive herself if something happens to her child.

2. Usual cradles from carriages will be so unsafe means of transportation of small children. If to remove from a carriage of a wheel and to put a cradle on a back seat of the car, it is possible to make a convenient relocator for the child. But it is convenient only at first sight. Such cradle is attached by nothing to a car seat, so, at accident will not create for the child of the necessary protection. Such protection is especially necessary for the baby, bones and vertebras at him still too weak for big loadings at blows.

3. Special cradles in transforming carriages will be good means for transportation of babies. For them there are special fastenings on chairs in the car therefore such cradle can be removed from a carriage and to rearrange in the form of a chair in the car. At the same time the child does not need to be awoken, shifted, fastened belts again. He already sleeps peacefully in the place, habitual for it. A negative side of such cradles is that they not too densely fix the child's body. Besides, in any transformer a part of quality in comparison with highly specialized adaptation is lost. Besides the cradle buckles up sideways in the direction of the movement of the car that too not really well affects both movement of the kid, and at possible collision.

4. Acquisition of a car seat will be the best decision for safety of the child. Categories at such goods various – on any weight and growth of the child from 0 to 12 years. If there is a wish to save, it is possible to buy a car seat at once for growth, up to the advanced school age. But here again there is a problem of all transformers for the different purposes and age: they are not such reliable as the chairs intended only for babies.

5. Among car seats there are models intended only for babies, that is they will serve the child about one year, and after you will not be able to find room for the kid into it. These chairs are established against the course of the movement of the car for bigger safety of the child. In them the kid lies, belts of a chair buckle up in five points: shoulders, a stomach and between legs. That is it is impossible to swaddle the kid for transportation, it is necessary to put on a suit or overalls.

6. If to spend money for means for transportation which will serve so not for long there is no wish, get a category 0+/1 chair. Up to 9-10 months such car seat works as any of category 0+, that is is established against the direction of the movement, the kid in it can lie or after 6 months to be in a sitting position. Further up to 4 years the chair of this category can be used as usual children's, to establish in the direction of the movement of the car.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team