As it is possible to transport the chest baby

As it is possible to transport the chest baby

Newborn children are the most vulnerable category of passengers. It is recommended to transport as seldom as possible chest babies by means of road or any other transport. It is connected with the fact that the big mass fraction of a children's skeleton of the kid of such age is made by cartilaginous tissue. In comparison with bone it is more fragile. As a result of it at serious accidents the risk of lethal outcomes is high.

It is required to you

  • - children's automobile chair;
  • - seat belt;
  • - cradle for transportation of the child.


1. Transportation of the chest baby in the car has to ensure their maximum safety. Traffic regulations provided that to transport the children who did not reach age of 12 years it is possible only at a term of use of the special holding device, that is a children's chair. Similar adaptation surely has to correspond not only to age, but also body weight and growth of the child.

2. Babies in the car it can also be transported with application of the different means allowing to record the child by means of a seat belt. Such restriction does not extend to children who can actually buckle up seat belts (taking into account value of growth and weight) without the need for use of special devices.

3. Advantage of transportation of children in the car with use of a cradle is that the child in this adaptation is placed horizontally. Such cradles can sometimes be on sale together with baby carriages, however in this case it is necessary to pay attention to their reliability and durability as safety of the kid depends on quality of this device. Its overall dimensions act as the downside of a cradle. It should be noted that movement of children in a cradle is most often carried out according to medical recommendations.

4. Transportation of the chest baby by means of a children's automobile chair ensures the maximum safety of the child. In such device the kid stays in safer conditions, than during stay in a cradle. This results from the fact that the baby is in semi-lying situation. Such adaptation is fixed by usual belts or special brackets. Also the child is fixed by internal belts of a car seat.

5. Automobile chairs have to correspond to the international certificates of safety. These devices pass test for blows which can arise at collision of vehicles or as a result of turning of the car. That the car seat underwent certification, tells existence of the orange sticker containing information on compliance to the quality standard, approximate age on which this product, and manufacturer is calculated.

6. You remember, it is impossible to save on life and health of children. And therefore it is the best of all to follow the established rules of transportation and to try not to subject babies to long travel (over 2 hours).

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