As make astrological forecasts

As make astrological forecasts

Astrology exists already thousands of years, and all this time disputes on its validity continue. Nevertheless, the facts say that the experienced astrologer is capable to give fantastically exact forecasts. It is possible to learn to make forecasts independently, their accuracy will be sufficient to avoid many possible troubles.

It is required to you

  • - ZET astroprocessor.


1. Download the astrological ZET program from the website of her author. The demonstration version of the program is available free of charge, its opportunities quite are enough for the solution of the majority of astrological tasks. Today very many professional astrologers use this program. To study its opportunities, start the program, then choose the Reference button and the User's guide point in the top right part. The page with information necessary for you will open.

2. Remember that astrological forecasts can be formed in different options. For example, for the analysis of fate of the person, his personal qualities the birth horoscope – it the natal chart, radix is used. The natal chart reflects that location of planets which existed at the time of the birth. The horoscope of the birth does not allow to predict the next events, but gives very important information on the person – his character, health, material welfare, etc.

3. Use a transit horoscope for the analysis of the future events, in the ZET program for this purpose there is the corresponding option "Transit". That to choose it, open the birth horoscope interesting you (it is recommended to keep it in memory of the program in advance), then choose the Basic data badge in the top left corner, in the opened window press the Double button. In the lower part of a window there will be a revealing list, choose in it a line "Transit". Press "to Execute", you will see a transit horoscope at the moment. In it two sets of planets – from a horoscope of the birth and the set corresponding to their current situation. Analyzing aspects between a starting position of planets and transit, it is possible to draw conclusions about the forthcoming events.

4. To estimate astrological compatibility of two people, use in a double horoscope instead of a line "Transit" the line "Sinastriya". Before it it is necessary to download the additional ASPECTS file and to unpack it in the folder of the program of the same name. As a result you will see two horoscopes of the birth of the people chosen by you at once and will be able to estimate their compatibility.

5. Find in network and study useful astrological literature. Remember that without serious knowledge to make the competent forecast very difficult. It is possible to recommend the excellent multi-volume set by the famous astrologer count Sergey Vronsky "Classical astrology". It can be downloaded free of charge on the Internet, in it all subtleties of astrological forecasting are in detail lit.

6. During creation of forecasts consider that the serious forecast can be made only for the specific person. Astrological forecasts, popular in periodicals, for zodiac signs are very inexact as for the competent forecast it is necessary to consider time of the birth of the person to within a minute. The mistake even several minutes can give a serious error. Therefore the astrologer, having even received exact date of birth of the person, all the same specifies it by special methods, verifying with events of life of this person. This procedure carries the name of rectification.

7. Do not forget that astrology does not predict an event – it works only with probabilities. The astrologer will never tell that in such day you are waited by such event – he will report that the probability of this event for you this day will be high. Stars can give very exact information on what dangers or favorable opportunities wait for the person. Knowing about them, it is possible to avoid problems and not to miss the successful moments.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team