As most to make a cartridge for a bulb

As most to make a cartridge for a bulb

Be engaged with the child in fascinating occupation, create the hands a cartridge for a bulb on 3.5 V. You easily will make it of a matchbox. By means of such boss with a bulb it is possible to decorate with illumination an artificial aquarium from self-made small fishes or a doll lodge.

It is required to you

  • - matchbox
  • - foil
  • - two clips for papers
  • - big safety pin
  • - bulb on 3.5 V
  • - wires


1. Line with foil a bottom and one of matchbox tray walls. Through a wall with a foil pierce clip legs for papers. The foil should not act over tray walls.

2. At one end of a holder a box pierce from above an opening. Impose on it a loop of a safety pin and thrust the second clip for papers. Unbend clip legs that they concerned a holder from within.

3. Pierce in a holder other opening in the middle of a safety pin. Move a tray into place, as shown in the drawing. Press a bulb that its socle rested against a foil at the bottom of a tray into an opening.

4. Prepare two long conductors. Wrap up the end of one of them around a clip on a holder a box, and the end of another - around a clip on a tray wall.

5. Check how the boss works, having attached it to battery poles. If the bulb does not light up, check all chain step by step.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team