As mother can bring up the son the real man

As mother can bring up the son the real man

It is good if you have a full family or you divorced, but the father takes active part in education of the son. But, unfortunately, so happens not always. If the father does not take any part in education of the son, then all responsibility lays down on mother.

Encourage communication of the son with male relatives, with the friends and acquaintances. Talk to the son in an adult way, validly, remembering that he is future man. Attentively listen to him and whenever possible answer all his questions of how men have to behave.

Do not lisp with it and do not sponsor excessively. If the son came from the street with the scratches broken by knees and other small injuries do not abuse him, and quietly treat the wounds, sentencing that "it's nothing". From preschool age it is possible to tell the son about the affairs and problems. Accustom the child to self-service, do not swear if he tries to help you about the house even if it accidentally broke something or broke.

When the son grows up, accustom him to small household affairs which will appear to it it can do. If the child excitedly watches how adult men repair something or are engaged in other man's work, do not banish him. On the contrary, ask that men told him as as they do. The child can take feasible part: to take something, to give, bring.

Since early childhood reveal tendencies of the child, develop, but do not force it to be engaged without his desire. Happens that the child will replace several circles or sections before picks up work to liking. But if he was engaged in something seriously, teach it to achieve results work, patience and persistence. Impart to the son ability to operate themselves, to do that there is no wish, but it is necessary and not to do what is wanted, but it is harmful. Allow to bring friends into the house, communicate to them: you have to know what friends at your son. Accustom the son to respect women from early age, to look after them: for example to offer a hand at an exit from transport or to help to bear a heavy bag. Stop manifestation of arrogance and the boorish attitude towards people. You learn to be patient and indulgent to shortcomings of others.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team