As on a human face to understand, who is he

As on a human face to understand, who is he

Psychologists seriously consider that it is possible to tell its character from a human face. The form, the size and a relative positioning of separate parts of the face and the head – all this "is responsible" for separate traits of character. On features the physiognomics – the most ancient unscientific occult doctrine which achievements are used in psychology, criminalistics, in medicine, art and practical life of many people is engaged in studying character of the personality.


1. To learn to analyze lines of persons, be accustomed to peer at them: in the bus, at work, on the street, peer into the reflection in a mirror at home. Learn to distinguish types of persons in a profile and a fullface, shapes of the heads, skin color, symmetry of persons. Pay attention to a hairstyle, eyebrows, mustache, a beard, eyelashes. Notice differences between the same parts of the face at different people.

2. Pay attention to symmetry and asymmetry of the person. It is considered that the face is more asymmetric, the person will longer live. By an old age of the face of people become more and more symmetric.

3. It is considered that full-faced people adapt to any situation better, their character is cheerful and vigorous. They well overcome any difficulties. People with square shape persons are resolute and firm, have strong character and the steady moral principles, often hold senior positions or are highly qualified specialists.

4. Determine the general condition of an organism by complexion. At the person leading the correct life, skin shines - has healthy color. At smokers or having problems with digestion skin gray, with an earthy shade. The people suffering from elevated pressure have strongly ruddy faces. The pallor of the person speaks about anemia or a lack of hemoglobin of blood. Dark circles under eyes – about overfatigue, about a sleep debt, about a lack of forces, perhaps depressions.

5. The hairstyle can tell a lot of things about character. A long flowing hair at women can indicate romanticism, sensuality, sexuality. Wavy female hair speak about spontaneity and unpredictability of their owner, direct – about restraint, femininity and elegance of the woman. Lovers of accurate hairstyles are sure of themselves, know the own worth and have the developed self-respect. Short hairstyles characterize the strong, strong-willed women possessing logic, business qualities, able to achieve the objective.

6. Men with long hairstyles, with mustache or a beard can be not self-assured, often have whimsical character and weak ability to adapt to people. Business people, leaders and heads prefer short hairstyles. Men with gentle, equal, "house" disposition, romantic and cheerful nature have hairstyles of average length. The adventurers and thrill-seekers having a shave bare, as a rule, with practical character.

7. Big eyes characterize persons with wide soul, artistic talents. Small – the careful persons able to dispose of money. Thick eyelids of eyes speak about fast fatigue, drowsiness of their owners. Thin eyelids – about shyness and truthfulness of the person. Wide eyebrows over eyes – sign of sexual force, frankness and courage. Thin eyebrows – sign of reserve and morbidity of the owner. Persons with bushy eyebrows are obsessed with manias and obsessions.

8. It is considered that owners of a large and straight nose are optimistic, honest and ingenuous. The curve nose gives difficult character of its owner. The hooked nose speaks about scandalous character of the person. The pessimists who are not differing in strong health have small noses, and fleshy noses with large tips are carried by financially successful people.

9. Roth with thin lips speaks about strong-willed qualities of its owner, about his commitment, a hladnokrovnost, determination and even cruelty. Full lips indicate goodwill, honesty, fidelity and some prostovatost of character. The full and wide chin promises a comfortable and happy old age to its owner. The square and wide chin gives big will power. The doubled chin speaks about passion of the person, and mown or pointed – about unfortunate destiny.

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