As prosecution of people is called

As prosecution of people is called

Prosecution of the person is illegal. However most of people who to them are engaged, remain unpunished. The official name of this action - "stalking". Are engaged in it with definite purposes and often to the detriment of subject to prosecution. Only the person familiar with his main motives can be saved from stalking.


1. Stalking is very cunning form of harassment. On the one hand, the victim does not receive direct threats and physical mutilations, and with another constantly is exposed to moral pressure. Skilled stalkers are capable to veil the prosecution so that the person never learns about it, however more often too emotional and persistent persons are engaged in it.

2. Women fall a victim of stalkers in the majority, and here in their role men usually stay. Begin to pursue the lady most often because of one-way love, and all do it differently: some stalkers in that case present persuasive gifts, others send the messages menacing with punishment, the third arrange shadowing.

3. Stalking is widespread among employees of the detective agencies. In this case it is completely lawful and safe. The qualified stalker looks for information on some person by means of databases and professional shadowing.

4. Intended stalking is often carried out for the purpose of fraud. The victim carefully track down, and then present information in which it is difficult not to believe. For example the woman was called in the middle of the night and reported that her son had an accident, having brought down the person. At the same time the name and a surname of the offspring, his place of registration and year of birth were told. Naturally, the anxious mom will make money transfer only to save the child from imprisonment. Usually swindlers know that at present the son of the victim cannot answer phone for any reason.

5. As for the interpersonal relations, here stalking speaks as the latent form of domestic violence. The most widespread example is a divorce. Having lost Vlast over the woman, the man begins to show it at distance, quite often bringing the victim to a nervous breakdown.

6. In spite of the fact that stalking is not considered a mental disease, is more often than it manifestation is inadequate. A typical situation – prosecution of an idol by fans. In the obsession they are capable of everything, up to use of the hidden cameras and terrible threats in punishment. It becomes with the purpose to catch attention of a desired object. In the history there are cases when because of similar pressure the people finished life with suicide.

7. Can seem that stalking is harmless, however it not so. In a rush of emotions the person obsessed with prosecution can bring the victim to a mania, and itself to overstep the bound and to commit the real murder. It is recommended to people who take the battering of stalkers to address to law enforcement agencies.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team