As quickly and free of charge to pass the baby commission in Yekaterinburg

As quickly and free of charge to pass the baby commission in Yekaterinburg

For all parents whose children were 3 years old (or even earlier if gave the permit in kindergarten) there is a question: how quickly to pass the baby commission? There is a wish to spend less time for this action and it is desirable without big monetary expenditure. To pass baby medical board for a garden in Yekaterinburg free of charge quite really and simply.


1. We reserve the coupon on reception to specialists in phone of call center of Yekaterinburg: 2285933. We say to the consultant that it is necessary to pass the baby commission in 3 years. He will write down to 4 experts (the neurologist, the surgeon, the ENT specialist and the oculist) for one day and will tell reception time. Still we ask to fix time at the pediatrician for the same day at once at once to give all papers on the conclusion. The girl still it is necessary to write down to the gynecologist.

2. We go to policlinic to the pediatrician in hours of his reception to take coupons and the directions on analyses. Day when it can be done, we specify by phone of registry. For example, in Yekaterinburg in policlinic No. 11 the coupons receive only on Wednesday. We go without child to the nurse (if she is on the site) or to the pediatrician and we ask the directions on analyses. It is possible to come into an office without turn, the nurse is often not busy during reception. The coupon with the indication of date and time when it is necessary to hand over them has to be attached to each direction. It is necessary to go with the child several times, not the fact that blood (the general analysis and on sugar) and scrape on enterobioz will be in one day and in one place. Besides these analyses still it is necessary to hand over kcal on eggs of worms and urine. To pass the baby commission quickly, we seek to get to the pediatrician on the same week when we call in call center.

3. We take from the pediatrician a roundabout leaf for medical examination (it is paper of A4 with the list of all experts and data on the child) and we go directly on the baby commission. Doctors will do on it a mark after reception. This document can be taken or together with coupons on analyses, or in day of baby medical board before passing experts. The surgeon and the neurologist after reception can direct in addition the child to the logopedist, the urologist and the psychiatrist. It is possible to register to them also by phone of call center.

4. We reserve on the Internet on the portal of the city of Yekaterinburg the coupon to the stomatologist. If in 1 year it is necessary to register in the first reception via phone, then in 3 years it is simpler and simpler. Data already are in a system, and it is possible to see free coupons, staying at home at the monitor screen. We visit the website, we enter a surname and number of the policy. Then we choose a line "Stomatology" and we register in a preventive office for convenient day and time. We do not forget to take a roundabout leaf that the stomatologist made in it a mark on reception.

5. We buy the medical record and the inoculative certificate in Rospechat. These documents will be filled out by the nurse. If forgot to buy in advance, then in policlinic in an office of paid services usually sell them.

6. We go for final reception to the pediatrician. After all doctors it is necessary to visit the pediatrician. We give him results of analyses, the roundabout sheet with the conclusions of all narrow experts, the medical record for the baby commission, the inoculative certificate, the copy of the birth certificate of the child and his policy. The nurse will fill out the map and the certificate. On it some time is required, the conclusion will be given, most likely, in several days. The baby commission is valid within half a year. But analyses stop being reliable in 10 days. If during this time the card was not carried in kindergarten, they should be repeated.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team