As representatives of transitional signs behave

As representatives of transitional signs behave

The people born on a joint of any two signs treat representatives of transitional zodiac signs in astrology. It often makes them atypical representatives of the signs.

General information

On limit of signs the interaction from any two planets takes place. It is considered that when they are among themselves in harmony, it gives to the person bright talent or charisma. And on the contrary if planets are in the conflict, the person can differ in unpredictable and difficult character, have problems with health and other troubles. In so-called zodiac border (on a joint of signs plus or minus one day) many famous people and also people with unusual abilities were given birth. Zodiac half tone - the site where signs pass each other.

Lines of the people born on a joint of signs

The first half tone is called Hours and corresponds to Tsefey's constellation. People who were born on border of Fishes and the Aries, quite often have a strong intuition and abilities to clairvoyance, they can expect events.

Pegasus's constellation is connected with border of Aquarius and Fishes, and the half tone is called the Winged Horse. Given rise in this interval have creative thinking, often are engaged in spirituality, seek to learn secrets. They are attracted by the highest spheres of life. The zodiac half tone the Sphinx is in the Cygnus constellation and corresponds to border of Aquarius and the Capricorn. Life of such people is connected with mysterious combination of circumstances, signs of destiny. Good luck and success accompany them if they are able to see such signs and to follow them, to go the way, but not to work under others influence or pressure. Representatives of half tone the Tree in the constellation of Cassiopeia on border of the Sagittarius and the Capricorn less than others depend on heredity, influence of a sort and the nation and are able to become successful, having even been born in poor family. However for this purpose they need to show will power and courage. On border of the Scorpion and the Sagittarius there is a half tone Ophiuchus which, on the contrary, puts the person into strong dependence on a karma of a sort, the country and heredity. However obstacles in its way, being successfully overcome, do it only stronger. Half tone the Prophetic Bird on border of Scales and the Scorpion allocates representatives of this transitional sign with thirst for justice. However there is a danger to get a false idea themselves the arbiter of other's destinies and the fighter for morality. The people born in half tone the Conductor on border of the Maiden and Scales are capable to see light at the end of a tunnel and to lead others. The main thing for such leaders is to choose the correct way. Representatives of the Sword-bearer on border Lev and Dev especially are happy and the more receive, than more they give others. The egoism can lead them into a blind alley. The half tone of the Chariot on Lev and Rak's border grants to the person bright appearance, actor's abilities, protection on travel. Representatives of the Ship on border of Twins and Cancer are often driven by some far purpose, like to overcome the fears and external obstacles, love adventures and do not suffer a routine. Thirst of knowledge of meaning of life quite often gives them on the way of spiritual self-improvement. On border of the Taurus and Twins in half tone of the Hunter people with huge energy potential which they not always know where to direct are born. Therefore correctly chosen purposes can result them in great success, and their absence - to make unfortunate. And, at last, Keith's representatives born on border of the Taurus and Aries are driven by force majeure because of what they can sow chaos and destructions around themselves. Competent either the mentor or the partner capable to smooth negative manifestations of their character - what is necessary for such people.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team