As the beefy press delivers

As the beefy press delivers

The good condition of muscles of all body is very important during pregnancy, childbirth and during the postnatal period. Strong muscles will facilitate not only process of childbirth, but also the entire period of pregnancy. Well rolled press will not allow to sag to a stomach and will reduce load of a backbone significantly.

Strong muscles - guarantee of easy childbirth

Childbirth demands from a female body of the maximum load. But at the time of delivery there is a powerful emission of hormones that gives an organism additional strength.

During pregnancy the center of gravity changes, and muscles of a back and legs receive enormous loading. Therefore will not prevent an organism at all if all muscles are in a tone. For this purpose the organism needs to be prepared both for pregnancy, and for childbirth in advance.

For pregnant women there are special sports. For example, Pilates, water aerobics or yoga for pregnant women. They are safe and directed to simplification of process of childbirth. Also future mothers can do swimming and walking. But faces the choice of sport to consult to the doctor. The yoga will suit those future mothers who like to meditate and relax. This sport helps to develop flexibility and endurance. Pilates helps to strengthen muscles of legs and a stomach. The water aerobics helps not to gather extra kilos, to eliminate puffiness of legs, therefore, to reduce load of all organism and to facilitate work of all internals.

The rolled press and childbirth

During the fights the smooth muscles which the woman is not able to operate are involved. In attempts the muscles which submit to consciousness of the woman begin to work. Also muscles of an anterior abdominal wall are connected. At this moment the strong press very much will help. Muscles of a belly wall work as the auxiliary motor, and become the main patrimonial expelling force later. The abdominal press works together with uterus muscles, helping it. At women who give birth for the first time the belly muscles closely adjoin to each other and they have the best press even without special preparation, than at repeatedly giving birth women. Muscles of a press play a crucial role at the last patrimonial stages. When the head of the child approaches a basin exit, only force of an abdominal press gradually will help to overcome this last obstacle. The press muscles are stronger, the easier there will take place all pregnancy as load of an organism will be evenly distributed. And childbirth will take place quicker because muscles will help the child to be born. The strong and rolled press will help to return much quicker the body to a form after the delivery, to get rid of the drooped stomach. During pregnancy it is strictly forbidden to swing a press purposefully. These needed to be engaged before pregnancy.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team