As the child has to sit down

As the child has to sit down

Parents want with their kid everything to be as it should be that he grew healthy, well developed. For this reason dad with mom often lose rest if it seems to them that with the child something is not right. For example, the neighbour's kid is two weeks younger, so he already surely sits, and own offspring still did not even try to sit down.


1. Stop to worry and wind yourself. Understand that if the child of neighbors already sits, and yours – yet is not present, it anything does not mean. Each kid is individual, there are no obligatory general standards concerning terms of development of children. Motions on time in any given party are quite admissible.

2. Of course, for calm will not prevent to show your kid to the experienced pediatrician. But, most likely, you should just wait until the child ripens for such attempts. It depends on a set of the reasons: age, weight, temperament, extent of development of different groups of muscles. From desire of the kid, at last.

3. In certain cases children try to sit down, previously having turned over on a stomach, and then having got up on all fours. But happens that the kid with rather developed abdominal press does attempts network and of a prone position on a back. Here it is valid: as it is more convenient and easier for it. As a rule, kids sit down quicker if they have a support: side of a bed or carriage, for example.

4. You can help the child, holding him for handles. So far he has a weak coordination of movements and insufficiently strong back long to keep in a sitting position. Therefore it is better to enclose it under a back and sides a support: the blanket curtailed into several layers, a pillow, etc. Secure the kid that he did not fall face forward and did not hurt. Then from pain and a fright he can stop trying for a long time to sit down.

5. At first the kid is capable to spend only only a few minutes in a sitting position. But gradually, when muscles of a back will get stronger, this time will begin to increase. In every possible way help strengthening of muscles: mass a back of the kid, stimulate his attempts to reach some subject, driving it at it before eyes here and there. In a word, you also will not manage to look back as your child will begin to sit surely. And recent alarms will seem ridiculous and far-fetched.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team