As the child in 6 months looks

As the child in 6 months looks

Half a year – the first serious date of the kid, a peculiar boundary. Obedient lying in a bed and observation of the suspended toys remains in the past. Ahead unruly crawling on all house, small pranks and the first attempts to rise.


1. The average weight of the six-month kid is 7.5-8 kg. Be not upset if your child does not get under these standards, but pay attention to its appearance. So, if the kid looks too thin, often is sluggish and tired, feed him with porridges more often. If the child, on the contrary, has the excess weight which complicates its movements, include more vegetables and fruit in a diet.

2. The child in half a year with might and main turns over from a back on a stomach and back. Very often it complicates carrying out various manipulations with the kid, for example, change of a diaper. The fidget constantly strives to slip out hands. Many children master new skills by this time: sitting or standing on all fours. They surely tear off a stomach from a floor and are shaken, standing on hands and legs. Succeeded in this ability understand that by means of extremities it is possible to move, they move back back, slither and spin round its pivot-center.

3. In six months the child begins to investigate surrounding space. He tries to reach, touch, gnaw the subject interesting him. Fine motor skills of the kid become more developed, and he is capable to hold on one toy in both hands at the same time. Capture of small objects happens two fingers, but not all palm as earlier.

4. The six-month kid stirs in "the" language much, masters new sounds and forms the first syllables. He knows, what is his name, and turns if hears the name. At this age children begin to use own voice and emotions to achieve the desirable. For example, if parents are strongly busy and do not pay attention to the child, he can loudly shout, scream or begin to whimper. Development of the six-month-old kid allows to impose a ban. If you see that he reaches for dangerous objects, by a strict voice tell it: It "is impossible" and drag aside.

5. Children in half a year love society both adults, and kids. They pose amusing mugs, make ridiculous sounds to raise a smile at parents. At acquaintance to other children six-month the baby pulls handles, smiles, something speaks, copies behavior. Emotions of the kid in many respects depend on mood in family. If the child sees that parents smile, hop, have fun, he will laugh, be shaken and jump up, without tearing off legs. If parents are angry and swear among themselves, the kid can begin to cry.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team