As the child in a stomach moves

As the child in a stomach moves

Stir of the kid in a stomach – the long-awaited and concerning event in life of future mom. Bearing a small miracle under heart, she tremblingly listens to new feelings, being afraid to pass the most important. With the first pushes of the child the woman begins not only know about the interesting situation, but also to feel it.


1. As a rule, future mom begins to feel stirs of the kid on the term from 15 to 20 weeks. Primipara women begin to feel the baby slightly later, than those who have a repeated pregnancy. Each mom can describe differently the first movements of the kid, everything is individual. They are so easy and imperceptible that can be taken for work of intestines. However most of women are absolutely sure that stir of a fruit cannot be confused with anything.

2. The baby quickly grows and develops. Approximately in 18 weeks it can already touch fingers an umbilical cord, smile, squeeze cams and even to build grimaces, expressing discontent. And after the 20th week of pregnancy the frequency of stirs of a fruit increases to 15 times a day. However future mom has to prick up the ears at sharp change of intensity of movements of a fruit. This fact can demonstrate presence of a pre-natal hypoxia of a fruit which is fraught with grave consequences for the kid.

3. In process of increase in the baby in a stomach at mom, its movements become more accurate and active, heavy blows in the edges sometimes bringing pain are possible. It is already quite possible to feel how the child turns over, nestling. Also during its physical activity it is possible to observe hillocks from different sides on a stomach at mom. If to take a closer look, it is possible to consider palms or heels of the baby.

4. Last months the pregnancies of stir of the kid decrease a little. But it does not mean at all that there is with it something is not right. Just by this time the child became so big that he lacks the place in a stomach for somersaults. There comes the responsible period of preparation for childbirth.

5. It is necessary to remember that if movements of the kid are not felt more than 12 hours, it is necessary to ask immediately for the help the doctor in clinic for women. Undoubtedly, the heavy blow in a stomach or falling of future mom can be the cause for concern.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team