As the child sees the world

As the child sees the world

When in family the first child appears, in life there are joyful and happy changes. Young parents look after and care for a small penis of family. Often they ask a question as the child sees the world and whether he sees something in general.


1. Scientists disproved the statements of grandmothers that the newborn sees the world upside down. Being born, children see the situation surrounding them as well as we. And in spite of the fact that the visual device of the child is not perfect yet and completely is not created, it has a three-dimensional sight, he distinguishes objects and forms of the fact that he sees.

2. You should not turn on too bright light in the room where there lives a newborn. As his eyes are still sensitive to it. But also you should not muffle light as if in the room there is its shortcoming when the child is awake, then it can lag behind in development the peers.

3. The American researchers established that in 5-7 days from the birth moment the kids are capable to detain a look on objects of irregular shape which move in space. In other words, it is interesting to newborn to look at the parents.

4. It is established that babies like to look at bright pictures of round shape with an accurate contour. Also the child can stop a look on black-and-white patterns. The best object for study is a maternal face during feeding. To interest the kid, it is possible to use a various mimicry - to open a mouth or to pose mugs.

5. Also from the moment of the birth the child hears. It is known that the person begins to perceive sounds, being in a maternal womb. He hears not only mother's voice, but also the sounds surrounding her. The been born child is sensitive to sounds, he even distinguishes them on height. It is established that newborns react to the coherent speech of voices familiar to it better and also to singing.

6. Up to four months the kid perceives the world around in - much visually. He can participate in the simplest game by means of a look - concentrates it on the adult showing it "pat-a-cake" or "nanny-goat". After four months the child can already participate in a game by means of gestures.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team