As the father has to bring up the child

As the father has to bring up the child

The father plays an important role in the child's life. Its participation in education is necessary for development and psychological formation of the children's personality. Irrespective of the employment the father has to allocate time for communication with children.


1. The kid needs to feel love and care of both parents. Help the wife to look after the baby. Take the child on hands more often and talk to him. Walk with the kid, children very much like to observe, and walk in the fresh air is for the baby a lot of new events and impressions.

2. With children is more senior be engaged in joint creativity: draw, you mold, build towers and the ships of Lego. Impart to the child love for sports: teach him to ride a bike, skates or skis. Who as not dad, will tell about men's hobbies: fishing, soccer or car racing.

3. Communicate with the child, for him it is very important to know your opinion, the authority of the father is unshakable, especially at early age. Communication with people, the attitude towards women, respect, understanding, reliability – these and other lines the son often inherits from the father. For the girl dad is an example of what has to be the real man. And having matured, she often looks for lines of the father in the admirers. Children from early age copy behavior of parents therefore try to be for the child a positive example.

4. Do not worry if it seems to you that because of the employment you find not enough time for the child. Let it will be only one day a week, not the number of the hours spent together, but quality of communication with children is important. Use this time with benefit: you go with the child to a zoo, theater, to sports matches, organize family departure on the nature.

5. When the child grows up, involve him in household chores. It is always interesting to children, than adults are engaged. Do not wave away from the child, let and he will participate in efforts on economy, so you will pass on to it the experience.

6. Besides, the father has to be the adviser and the mentor: to prompt at the right time, to support in a difficult situation, to help and sympathize. Communication in family is very important for development of the child too. In full-fledged family where parents love and respect each other more chances to give to children good correct education.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team