As the flow of information influences the child

As the flow of information influences the child

It is impossible to present life of the modern person without TV and the computer. But, along with indisputable advantage, this equipment can do harm, to especially small children.

Why the flow of information can do harm to the child

The set of TV channels and the websites contain various information often intended only for adult audience. Besides, if the child spends too much time in front of the TV or the computer, it can damage not only to his sight, but also mentality which is exposed to real information "attack".

Some parents are only happy if their kid long sits in front of the TV screen. First, it then does not need to pay attention and it is possible to be engaged in chores, and secondly, they consider that viewing transfers does well to the child, contributes to his development. But this cardinal error! A significant amount of news, including negative contents (message about accidents, natural disasters, armed conflicts, acts of terrorism), besides often alternated by very importunate advertizing of various products or services makes serious impact even on mentality of the adult. What to tell about the small child whose mentality is still weak, unstable! As a result, the kid can be frightened simply. In the most hard cases if the child very often watches TV, at it persistent neurosis can develop.

Even if the child watches on TV or to the computer only children's entertainment events, advantage of them very doubtful, and harm can be done serious. Real-life communication with parents, grandfathers, grandmothers and other relatives is the most important for the kid. Such communication first of all contributes to the intellectual development of the kid. No transfers will be able to replace it. At last, children for normal development need to move, play with the peers, to breathe fresh air. If they instead sit in front of the screen, obtaining the mass of the unnecessary information which is not corresponding to their age it will hardly do good to health.

How to protect the child from a flow of excessive information

Certainly, it is hardly possible (and it is reasonable) to refuse the TV and the computer completely now. But parents need to control and know what transmissions are watched by their child, and what their duration. Programs have to correspond to age of the child, his level of development, ability to understand them. Animated films best of all will be suitable for small children. At the same time doctors advise to limit time of viewing transfers for 15-20 minutes a day for children to 6 summer age, and 30-60 minutes for children aged up to 14 years.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team