As the fruit in 17 weeks looks

As the fruit in 17 weeks looks

Seventeen weeks of pregnancy are nearly a half of term. Position of the woman is already well noticeable, in an organism there are more and more changes and the kid develops the strengthened rates.


1. On the 17th week of pregnancy the sizes of a fruit can be 16-18 cm, and weight reaches it 150gr. One important feature of this period is that the child has the fatty tissue capable to keep heat though skin of the kid still remains very thin.

2. On skin there is small indumentum – a down which experts call "лануго". Some children are born, covered with this down, and in couple of days it is not on the child's body any more. Though most often it disappears till the birth.

3. It is the period when on a brain of the child the first crinkles and grooves appear. Fruit heart by this moment was practically created and completely copes with the function of pumping of blood. By means of an obstetric stethoscope it is already possible to hear heartbeat of the kid. Besides, the child begins to distinguish sounds and can even react differently to too loud or sharp. Therefore, talking with the child by a low quiet voice, he can be calmed.

4. The seventeenth week is the period of rapid growth of a fruit. Some pregnant, especially harmonious and tiny, can already feel the first stirs of the child, his activity every day grows.

5. During this period usually do the second ultrasonography of the pregnant woman. Even mom who looks at the device monitor for the first time can notice well created handles and the child's legs, a head, big in relation to all body. If to try, it is possible even to consider a sex of the child, all external signs are created long ago, and for the experienced doctor it will be simple to be seen. It is possible to ask the doctor to make the first photo, on it still the little, but already almost created kid.

6. One more interesting feature of development of a fruit on the 17th week is emergence of a glotatelny reflex. The child begins to drink liquid which is around him. The kid will have a lot more time to improve this ability, and by the birth he will be able to swallow almost also well as any adult.

7. At mom by this time usually there passes primary toxicosis, she gets used to the situation and begins to derive pleasure from the state. It is a high time to be engaged in psychological and intellectual development of the kid: to listen to good music, to walk in the fresh air and to get from it a maximum of positive emotions, to read aloud, accustoming the child to the voice and to literature. The main thing is to keep a positive spirit, and then the second half of pregnancy will pass easily and quietly.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team