As the molding from plasticine influences development of the child

As the molding from plasticine influences development of the child

Helping the child to master the simplest receptions of a molding from plasticine, parents care for its intellectual development. Scientists proved that making active fine motor skills of hands of the kid, it is possible to affect his imagination, logical thinking, touch memory, graphic and speech abilities positively. Besides, at the child the nervous system is normalized and the esthetic attitude develops.

Any classes of the kid connected with tactile feelings contribute to the development of fine motor skills of hands, intelligence, volume and spatial thinking. Experts consider that the molding among all types of art creativity is the most well tangible. The drawing or applique from paper can only admire esthetically if work was successful. Otherwise it will not be possible to make serious corrections any more. And plasticine gives ample opportunities of creativity when the child feels his weight, the volume, texture, learns to work harmoniously with both hands, indefinitely adjusting the conceived image.

From what age to give to the child plasticine

Sometimes parents do not allow the child to use plasticine including that it is still too small for this occupation. Really, the kid of 1.5-2 years often just pinches off small pieces and the case, the TV or upholstered furniture strives to stick them somewhere, whether it be dress. However this age also is the most suitable for acquaintance to plasticine and it can happen only in the absence of control from adults. It is not necessary to feel sorry for time for classes with the child, it needs to show even the simplest receptions of a molding.

At first cardboard that the child could create on it abstract volume pictures is required, just flattening out plasticine pieces. In one and a half years the kid only gets acquainted with its plastic properties. Then he will be able to seize simple receptions of a molding and will begin to skatyvat from plasticine balls and sausages which will be used as separate details for the next hand-made article. At first sight, anything special, but at these moments the child develops touch sensitivity and imagination. To stick together something intelligent independently the kid will be able to years to three, but it provided that plasticine will fall of him into hands much earlier.

Complex impact of a molding on the general development of the child

It is important that classes a molding were followed by positive emotions, a praise from adults. Only in this case the child will fall in love with this process even if not everything will turn out. Having learned to own plasticine weight, the child with desire will perfect receptions of a molding by means of clay, the test, wet sand. Psychologists are sure that the molding well influences nervous system of the child in general, making him is quieter and emotionally steadier. The parents imparting love for a molding will understand how they were right when their child goes to school. The developed motility of fingers will allow to cope with writing skills quicker. It is noticed that from this ability also the speech development is directly connected. Scientists proved that the speech area of development of a brain is connected with the impulses arriving from finger-tips. Not without reason the children practising music are more successful in comprehensive school even if they have no special musical gift. The molding has not less impact on brain activity. Starting the next hand-made article from plasticine, the child is forced to conceive mentally a figure which is not before eyes. The developed imagination will play a significant role in acquaintance to the world around, will influence development of attention, logical thinking, visual memory. Having given only half an hour in day for classes with the child a molding, parents will lay the strong foundation for further development of intelligence.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team