As the newborn develops

As the newborn develops

The child is considered a newborn for the first four weeks of the life. During this period there are important changes in physical and mental development of the kid caused by his adaptation to independent extra uterine life. At the same time the beginning of life of the newborn begins with the moment of the termination of blood circulation in funic vessels.


1. Right after the birth the cellular players of blood with replacement of fetal hemoglobin by more mature begin to be changed. It allows to provide fully the increased needs of an organism for oxygen, to deliver necessary nutrients to bodies. Thermal control joins, but because of the imperfection it can glitch. Therefore it is important not to wrap up the child and not to allow it to freeze.

2. In the first day from intestines meconium is emitted. By the end of the first week of kcal becomes dairy color. For the third or fourth day of life there is a small loss of body weight. It is connected with transition of the kid to new terms of the exchange of substances. By the same time there is a falling away of the rest of an umbilical cord. On its place the wound which will drag on on average in two-three weeks is formed.

3. On the second week of kcal becomes yellow, and depletion of intestines from 8 times decreases up to 3-4. At this time the child is allowed to be taken out on the street. By 14th day of the life the newborn begins to react to sounds. Also other bodies are improved. The kid tries to hold under review a large bright toy.

4. On the third week the kid can already strong grasp fingers of parents, lying on a back. Lying on a stomach the child tries to hold the head. In spite of the fact that all movements of the child are not coordinated yet, they not such chaotic any more. He consciously turns the head, considers surrounding space. At unfamiliar sounds the newborn fades and listens. He begins to demand attention or feeding by loud crying. The child begins to look in the face, calms down at emergence of a new subject under review.

5. On the fourth week to the forefront there is a sosatelny reflex. The child already holds short time the head, about pleasure examines the world around himself. At this stage there is "a revival complex": the kid begins to recognize mom, and on the tender address the first smile appears. For the child intonations of the adult are of particular importance.

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