As the newborn has to grow fat

As the newborn has to grow fat

Figures which show scales at monthly weighing of the child, not just indicator of whether is enough for the kid of food. How the baby recovers, physicians judge development of an organism in general, existence or absence of diseases.


1. After the kid was born, he begins to lose weight. The reason of it is a patrimonial stress, process of adaptation to life out of a maternal womb and also an exit of a large number first-born a calla – meconium. This process lasts several days. During this time the baby loses 8-10% of the initial weight. You will be able to be discharged from maternity hospital only after positive dynamics begins – i.e. figures on scales will spread up.

2. First the increase of weight of the newborn is estimated not in a month, and within the first week. On average it has to add about 150 grams. You remember, it is desirable to weigh the child on the same scales, at the same time day. For the first month the norm is considered "to grow stout" on 600 grams.

3. For the second and third month the kid has to gain still 600-800 grams. Further the norm can be calculated by a formula: norm = increase last month minus 50. For example, if in 3 months the child added 800 grams, so in 4 it will gain 800-50=750 grams.

4. Remember that the baby can unevenly gain weight. For example, in one month the child will recover on 450 grams, and for following – on 1 kilogram. As a result, the two-month rules will be respected.

5. Approximately from six-month-old age the child will begin to add on average in 300-400 grams a month. When to it year is executed, the weight of the kid has to be about 10-12 kilograms.

6. If a set of weight goes not such intensive rates as it is necessary, only the doctor will be able to define the reason of it. To recover insufficiently or the kid can not recover because of various diseases at all. For example, because of gastrointestinal problems – dysbacteriosis, lactoheat of insufficiency or intolerance of protein of cereals. At the same time at the child the chair is broken – becomes liquid, foamy, with undigested pieces of food, belly-aches develop. If with a stomach everything is all right, it is possible to assume metabolic disorders.

7. However most often the bad increase in weight is caused by the fact that the kid lacks mother's milk or mix. If you want to learn how many the baby exhausted - weigh him before feeding. Compare a difference to the standards of consumption developed by physicians.

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