As the self-assessment of mother influences mentality of the child

As the self-assessment of mother influences mentality of the child

Influence of psychological state of parents on children is very big. Especially when it concerns such steady structure as a self-assessment. In what way can idea of mom of itself influence her child?

First, children otzerkalivat behavior of parents. Mom as the loved one, till certain time remains a full example of behavior and even a chuvstvovaniye. As mom behaves, it is perceived bezotsenochno. Everything that she does – correctly. The example is followed of mom. By itself if you show uncertainty and excessive experiences, their child also will copy. And if he is also limited in communication with other people who could become an example, he just has no place to learn to behave in a different way.

The second moment as self-assessment of mom influences the child - it is features of education. Self-assured women create necessary conditions for healthy growing of the child. He do not indulge excessively, do not allow to mount to themselves upon a neck, but at the same time and are able to listen to experiences. Does not get it to parents with the underestimated self-assessment.

Uncertain women are inclined to adhere to two types of education: hyper guardianship or, on the contrary, dictatorship. In both cases children do not feel protected in this huge world. Then that energy which could go for adequate development, development of external space is spent for overcoming internally alarm. The child is nervous more, is clamped, begins to be guided by opinion of all around – life in such constant tension leads also to somatic diseases sooner or later.

Sometimes reaction of overcompensation which is shown in deliberately active and aggressive behavior of the child meets. However, the internal alarm with which he also copes such display behavior does not disappear anywhere and continues to undermine nervous system of the child from within.

Practical advice:

1.     Very first that needs to be made, to realize it and to recognize a problem. It exists and it is necessary to solve it somehow. Denial of this problem will not lead to anything good, will only waste time.

2.     Further observe how your self-assessment affects education of children and try to bypass acute angles. Healthy education consists in ability to listen and understand the child, to satisfy his requirements, but at the same time to be able to limit and create the reasonable rules.

3.     Besides, the increased uneasiness is inherent in women with a low self-assessment. Pay attention that whenever possible it was not broadcast to the child. Learn to be courageous and active near it.

4.     Solve a problem from within. If at you independently it is impossible to come to an adequate self-assessment, it is worth finding the expert who will help you with it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team