As the speech of the child about half a year develops

As the speech of the child about half a year develops

There is a wrong opinion that it is not necessary to talk to the baby as he yet can understand and remember nothing. But even the first sounds which are said by the child are already the beginning of a speech development, and this process literally begins with the birth. It is necessary to communicate with the baby, so he begins to get acquainted with the world around.

About one month the main ways of perception of the new world are the sight and hearing. Yes, initially it is difficult to it to watch some interesting toy. But over time he will learn it. Also the child is capable to react to loud sounds crying. Over a bed it is possible to place toys which make sounds when they are touched. It is important that hands of the kid could be free as one of hobbies is not only examining, but also feeling of objects.

  • The tot gains new knowledge at communication with parents. Therefore it is not necessary to leave him when he is awake and to be silent.
  • During the period since a month to two not words and with what intonation they, expression and gestures address it are important for the kid. Therefore communicating with the kid it is necessary to pronounce words tenderly and with a smile.
  • In two-three months the tot is already capable to consider objects, to watch them eyes. Seeing its interest in something, it is necessary to call this subject. Also it is pleasant to children when parents repeat after them their sounds, smiling at the same time.
  • Since three months the kid is capable to smile in reply, to laugh, lie on a tummy with the raised head. Before it it is possible to spread different toys that he could consider them. The activity of the tot increases by this time, many are already able to turn over, monitor movement of objects independently.
  • It is possible to hang out such toys which the child will be able to take over a bed. It is important that they were safe, but at the same time drew attention.
  • In four months there are festivities which it is desirable to answer. It is also possible to begin to carry out the simple exercises influencing formation of the speech with the kid.
  • It is desirable to place toys so that the child could reach them independently. It is originally necessary to help him, moving toys and encouraging attempts to reach them. Further he will learn to get what interested him. The kid will try to taste many objects, and it is not necessary to interfere with it. But it is important to watch their purity and in them there were no fine details.
  • To half a year the children like to listen to music therefore they are very much attracted by musical toys. They try to elicit from them a sound, consider, feel. It is possible to offer toys which make various sounds with different sounding. Slowly removing a toy, at the kid will be incentive to creep up to it.

Tell the kid about everything that occurs around. And though words to him are still unclear, but he perfectly will understand intonations of a voice.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team