As there are first symptoms of pregnancy

As there are first symptoms of pregnancy

At approach of pregnancy in an organism of the woman there are some changes which at first sight can be insignificant. But if to pay attention to them, it is possible to establish pregnancy existence independently.

To define pregnancy, there are many simple inexpensive tests. But it is offered to use them not earlier, than in few weeks after estimated date of conception and that they can show the wrong result. Those women for whom it really matters can try to define at themselves pregnancy existence independently. Signs of pregnancy try to trace, paying attention to any, even seemingly minor changes in an organism.

When there occur changes

For a start it is worth trying to compare the state to what was a week ago. If no changes, conclusions to draw early are at first sight revealed. Really not all feel primary signs from the very beginning as on the first week of conception of pregnancy per se they is not present at all. It will come in a week or in ten days after the ovum is impregnated. After the ovum is impregnated, it begins to move ahead on a uterine tube to a uterus. The ovum actively shares at this time, creates an umbilical cord, a placenta, only a week later the embryo of the size of a pea is attached to a uterus. Therefore even on ultrasonography nothing will be possible to make out the first week of pregnancy. The main signs which to disregard it will not turn out any more, will arise only in few weeks. The embryo reaches a uterus by this time and is fixed on a wall. And now in an organism of the woman big reorganizations which help to adapt under needs of the child begin.

Primary signs of pregnancy

If pregnancy is planned, to any, even tiny changes in an organism, is always paid much attention. At the attentive relation it is possible to keep track of such signs: - frequent indispositions; - small bleedings; - increase in basal temperature; - the breast becomes more sensitive and slightly swells up a little; - fast fatigue; - drowsiness and absent-mindedness; - in a uterus feelings of pricking appear; - flavoring preferences change; - nausea and disgust for some smells; - headaches; - waist pains; - frequent urinations; - allocations from a vagina; - vomiting and increase in salivation; - the most widespread of the first signs of pregnancy – a delay of a menstrual cycle. It is not obligatory that at approach of pregnancy to the woman all these indispositions will immediately fall down at once. But if something from this list appeared, it is necessary to prick up the ears. To any of the listed changes there are reasonable explanations - it is any stages in pregnancy development.

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