As there is an abortion on early term: reasons and symptoms

As there is an abortion on early term: reasons and symptoms

In life of each woman there comes the wonderful time – pregnancy. In most cases the woman successfully bears the child all nine months and as a result meets the long-awaited kid. However, cases when pregnancy is interrupted are frequent. Most often it happens till 12th week of pregnancy when the germ was not created yet.

As there is an abortion

In most cases the woman loses the child on very early term when she does not even suspect about the occurred pregnancy. The lack of periods is registered as an ordinary delay, and in several days critical days – stronger and painful, than usually come. Bleeding quickly returns to limits of norm, pains pass, and the woman does not address the gynecologist for clarification of the reason. If plentiful allocations and painful feelings last more than 2-3 days, then it is just necessary to see a doctor.

Spontaneous abortion can be diagnosed with absolute probability when in one of days of painful and plentiful bleeding of a vagina there is a big blood clot. Usually such clot is more similar to a bubble with blood which can be whole or burst. In this case the campaign to the gynecologist cannot be postponed. It is necessary to learn precisely whether there was it an abortion, or something else. If the fact of a spontaneous abortion is confirmed, then the doctor has to find out whether it is necessary to carry out additional cleaning of a uterus from residues of fabrics of a germ.

Most often the abortion in the early stage of pregnancy can pass absolutely imperceptibly for the woman. However that who plans to become a mother and looks forward to pregnancy approach, can be extremely heavy to cope with loss of a fruit. The organism of the woman is not always ready to take out the healthy child, and any living organism is programmed to get rid of genetically unhealthy posterity.

The abortion reasons on early term

There is a lot of main reasons for a self-abortion and most of them can seriously undermine both physical, and psychoemotional health of both parents.

  • Congenital, genetic defects. In the course of merge of two gametes of parents the zygote which has to comprise 44 somatic and 2 sexual chromosomes – only 46 is formed. If in the course of formation of a germ any defective genetic information is found, the wrong set of chromosomes (bigger or their smaller quantity), mutations, a maternal organism gets rid of the wrong set of cages. Thus natural selection begins to happen in mother's womb.
  • Hormonal failure. Special biologically active agents which are produced by an organism in any given situation are responsible for all human life. Hormones always are in a certain balance, forming appearance and mood of the person, influencing a metabolism and the general state of health. Constant violation or frequent jumps of a hormonal background can provoke spontaneous termination of pregnancy by an organism. For example, when future mom has a constant stress, the organism produces adrenaline which has negative effect on blood circulation and a tone of a pregnant uterus that can provoke an abortion. It occurs because own life is more important for an organism of the woman, than the fruit which is not created yet. Besides, there is a number of the hormonal diseases which are not allowing to take out normally the child.
  • Discrepancy of a Rhesus factor of mother and child. Cases when the negative Rhesus factor is detected in the person are very rare. Even less often women with similar blood can take out and give birth to the healthy child. At most of people on the planet a Rhesus factor positive and if the father of the child has such mark in the medical record, then and the kid, with high probability, too. The maternal organism with a negative factor will perceive fetal fabrics as alien, there will be a rejection of a fruit. Modern level of medicine allows to overcome a similar problem, and the increasing percent of women with a similar problem gives birth to healthy kids.
  • Infectious diseases of parents. Any disease, sharp or chronic, can negatively affect both conception, and already formed germ. From any disease, especially infectious, it is necessary to get rid even before pregnancy. It is necessary to receive medical treatment to both parents as it is frequent for venereal diseases of one of partners also the fruit is infected. Besides, it is necessary to be checked for presence of inflammatory diseases in bodies of a small pelvis attentively. Any temperature over 37 degrees can cause spontaneous termination of pregnancy.
  • Earlier carried out abortions. Any intervention in natural the course of life of an organism is a stress and can become the reason of various problems in the future. It can be not only surgical abortion, but also special medicine, a national method and other house ways of termination of pregnancy about which the attending physician can not know. With high probability the similar intervention can terminate in the subsequent negative result of pregnancies and even infertility.
  • Intake of the medicines contraindicated at incubation of a fruit. The majority of medicines is not recommended to be used to pregnant women and the feeding women if the risk is not justified. Very often drugs can become the reason of the wrong formation of systems of bodies, than and will provoke spontaneous termination of pregnancy.

There are a lot more reasons which can cause an abortion. Very great influence the way of life of future mom, her psychoemotional state, physical activities and many other things has on favorable course of pregnancy.

Abortion symptoms

Harbingers of rejection of a fruit on all terms of pregnancy are an acute pain in the lower part of a stomach and bleeding. On early terms of the woman often take such symptoms for monthly which began soon after term. But if pregnancy was already known, it is necessary to ask for medical care immediately.

Main symptoms of an abortion:

  • acute pain below to a stomach, it will be possible to give to a waist;
  • allocations from a vagina (bloody or a little brownish, plentiful);
  • increase in a tone of smooth muscles of a uterus;
  • symptoms of the general intoxication of an organism (temperature, headache, weakness, nausea).

The raised tone of a uterus cannot usually be diagnosed independently. However other signs have to guard the woman who is in situation. They can testify not only to an abortion, but also other pathologies.

Allocations can be weak, but with blood impurity. In this case chances to save a fruit considerably increase.

What to do at emergence of symptoms of an abortion

All gynecologists recommend to accept comfortable horizontal position at the first signs of a possible abortion, to calm down and cause emergency medical service. In certain cases the woman is completely forbidden to get up. Naturally, any physical activity at this moment is terrible for the kid.

Often soothing practicians and the respiratory gymnastics designed to reduce the level of nervousness of future mom recommend. Excess experiences can only aggravate a state as provoke emission of undesirable hormones in mother's organism. It is important to think of something pleasant and good. For example, how at last you will see the kid and you will take him on handles for the first time as it will grow clever and healthy. The positive spirit and the correct emotions will allow not only to reduce nervousness level, but also will distract from painful feelings, will help to relax and to quietly wait for ambulance crew.

Prevention of an abortion on early term

If both partners made the serious and weighed decision to become parents, then they have to be prepared surely not only for the child's birth, but also for the pregnancy. Both future parents have to be physically healthy, not have serious chronic diseases and addictions. Besides, it is recommended to pass a number of additional researches:

  • genetic examination – allows to reveal risks of development of congenital pathologies;
  • endocrinological inspection;
  • gynecologic inspection;
  • urological inspection;
  • analyses on presence of viral infections, sexually transmitted.

However, if pregnancy occurred unexpectedly, but is quite acceptable, then the woman needs to reconstruct all the rhythm of life completely. It is important to stop administration of drugs which are contraindicated to pregnant women and the feeding women, to get rid of all addictions and to begin to conduct healthier and a regular life. In this case the risk of spontaneous termination of pregnancy considerably decreases.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team