As there is psychological assistance in crisis situations

As there is psychological assistance in crisis situations

The crisis situation is a situation in which the person feels strong psychological stressful state. The got experience demands to change ideas of the individual of the reality surrounding it in short terms. The psychologist helps to cope with similar changes to the person.

Emergence of crisis situations requires the immediate solution. Otherwise the situation can lead to even more worst manifestations. Here it is possible to refer addictive behavior, such as alcoholism or drug addiction. Psychological assistance appears to the person depending on at what step of development of a crisis situation he is.

Routine complaints

Routine complaints – the first step of development of crisis. It has such name because the stressful moment for the person comes always in one and too time. For example, the situation gets out of hand every Thursday at six o'clock in the evening. Then the help to the person can be limited to psychological consultation. At the same time the action plan of the person which precedes crisis in details understands. Once various behavior models works out the individual, namely to try to define all possible reactions to any given incentives.

Possible crisis

The second step is meant as risk that situation can get out of hand. If the person has time to the solution of a crisis situation, then the psychologist needs to make the description of the fact, to define the purpose for actions of the individual. It is also necessary to deal with priorities of actions in case the situation will leave possible control. If the risk can affect not the specific individual, but group of people, then in this case it is necessary to make the message and to notify everyone personally.

Directly crisis

If crisis found you now and there are no resources to consider the action plan, then first of all it is necessary to take emergency measures. The psychologist has to notify special facilities on where there was emergency situation that it is. Activization of crisis team will be the following step. Bring together strong people who will be able to give not only emotional support, but also will be able to help business. If the situation can do physical harm to people, then it is necessary to put the medicamentous help in a priority. People who got a sharp psychological trauma need calm and motivation. It is necessary to remember that the crisis situation influences loss of belief in life. It is necessary to show to the person what despite this his existence gives in to control. The endured injuries strongly influence perception by the person of time. What he endured to a condition of a stress seems to it not such important, the future seems aimless and unpromising. Therefore it is important to give to the person an incentive for further life, to define priorities and to build tasks, available to the decision.

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