As there passes the 10th week of pregnancy

As there passes the 10th week of pregnancy

In ten weeks of pregnancy the doctors begin to call officially the kid in mother's womb a fruit. Behind the most dangerous moments in life of the kid when the scary diagnosis "threat of termination of pregnancy" - implantation and formation of a placenta is most often made.

The hormonal storm in mother's organism gradually ceases therefore her health and mood improves.

Many women on the tenth week of pregnancy have problems with a secretory system. This not only speeded-up urination connected with pressure upon a bladder of the growing uterus, but also locks. Besides, the uterus presses also on the main blood vessels because of what there can be a varicosity and be provoked development of hemorrhoids.

That to avoid it, it is necessary to watch carefully regularity of a chair, to use more grain, fruit and vegetables, to do exercises, to sleep on one side for undervoltage in the field of back pass. At complication of a situation you should not be engaged in further self-treatment, and it is better to consult with the attending physician. On ultrasonography it is still difficult to define a sex of the child because genitals are not differentiated. It is possible to see differences between the boy and the girl only by 12-15 week of pregnancy, however at male kids in testicles testosterone is already produced, and at girls follicles from which ova will appear are formed. On the tenth week of pregnancy at a fruit elbow joints, an upper lip, auricles, a diaphragm are created, development of mammary glands begins, the tail disappears. Eyes of the kid are open, but it is difficult to draw exact conclusions on whether he sees something around himself. To the kid comfortably in the fetal bubble filled with amniotic waters. Amniotic liquid in a uterus on the 10th week of pregnancy about 20 ml, it is almost transparent. The weight of the fruit is no more than 4 grams, and length – about 3 cm. At contact with a uterus wall it can make a start from it, but to the woman Last weekNext week will not be possible to feel it so far.

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