As there passes the 5th week of pregnancy

As there passes the 5th week of pregnancy

On the fifth week of pregnancy most of women think of its approach due to the lack of the next periods. The test for definition of pregnancy in house conditions already for certain has to show positive result.

To signs of pregnancy on early terms the drowsiness, headaches, a loss of appetite, slight increase of body temperature, frequent desires can be added to urination, the nausea and vomiting caused by early toxicosis pregnant women. There can be various unexpected flavoring addictions to sweet or salty food. Hormonal reorganization in an organism of the pregnant woman is the reason of early toxicosis.

At some women these and other signs of pregnancy can partially be shown or even at all to be absent. And those who did not manage to avoid toxicosis can only sympathize. It will recede approximately after 12 weeks. If nausea and headaches on the fifth week of pregnancy deliver to the woman of inconvenience, then it is necessary to see a doctor.

In five weeks of pregnancy the germ very strongly changes. In a form it becomes similar to a cylinder of long about 2 mm. Now doctors call it an embryo. On the fifth week of pregnancy the kid has rudiments of a pancreas and liver, heart, airways are stuffed up. There is a partial closing of a nervous tube from which nervous system will develop later. An important role in formation of a nervous tube is played by a foliyeva acid. This week the embryo has gonoblasta from which spermatozoa or ova will appear. Last weekNext week

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