As there passes the 8th week of pregnancy

As there passes the 8th week of pregnancy

There passed month from a delay of menstruation or 6 weeks of an embryonal development of the child. If the pregnant woman did not address to clinic for women yet, then the eighth week of pregnancy is the moment optimum for this purpose.

On the first visit the gynecologist will give to the woman the necessary directions on testing and passing of doctors. On the 8th week of pregnancy the next laboratory researches are conducted: the general analysis of urine and blood, measurement of arterial blood pressure, weighing, measurement of the sizes of pelvic bones, blood test of HIV and RW, a Rhesus factor, dabs on microflora of a vagina and a disease, sexually transmitted. The pregnant woman goes for survey by the otolaryngologist, ophthalmologist, stomatologist, therapist. Taking into account features of health and the medical anamnesis, additional inspections can be appointed.

Visit of the geneticist who will be able to estimate heredity of the pregnant woman is important and to plan further diagnostic actions. It is probable that to it the woman will be directed later, after passing of the first screening ultrasonography.

In eight weeks of pregnancy there is an improvement of heart and its partitions at a fruit, its message with large vessels improves. The stomach takes the place in an abdominal cavity, having moved down, its muscular layer is covered by nervous elements. Salivary glands, bones and joints of the kid are stuffed up, the upper lip is formed. Boys have laying of testicles. On ultrasonography it is already possible to see an embryo tummy, a backbone and eye glasses. And it in spite of the fact that the kid in length from the top to buttocks grew only to 8-11 mm. Last weekNext week

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