As there takes place adaptation to school

As there takes place adaptation to school

Receipt in school radically changes the child's life. Study – already major activity, "work". Children force to perform precisely certain tasks, to concentrate on objects, to strain memory for digestion of material, long time to sit at a school desk without habitual freedom of movement … Life of the school student is subordinated to the system of strict and identical rules to all pupils. The task of parents is to help the child easier and quicker to adapt.

It is required to you

  • - to tell truthfully about school;
  • - to let know to the child that you believe in him;
  • - to organize house ""workplace"";
  • - to be interested in school affairs, but not to do homeworks;
  • - to be able to explain.


1. Tell the child about school, without intimidating him, but also without presenting educational institution in the form of a source of joyful entertainments alone. The relation of adults has to be quiet, encouraging, benevolent. The child has to realize that mom and dad understand value of this new stage in his life, believe in his diligence and forces.

2. Sending the child to school, in advance think over the organization of his "workplace" ("the school student's corner") of house. It is important that the place for doing homework was constant and was used only for study.

3. Be ready that at the beginning at the child not everything will be got on that he not at once to adapt to a new daily routine. Be interested in its school affairs, you praise, - but do not try "to facilitate life", doing homeworks for the little pupil.

4. Help the child to understand that marks which he receives at lessons, not expression of the personal relation to it of the teacher, and assessment of his knowledge and quality of the work performed by it. Good behavior and good knowledge - not the same! At the same time you remember that most of first graders do not understand a difference between efforts and result yet.

5. Pay attention not only to assimilation of the program, but also to whether the child in school is late, whether distracts during lessons. Punishments and abstract requirements "are most often inefficient to behave well". Patiently explain to the first grader what he does not and as to it to improve.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team